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Approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee (BOCOG) has released the final version of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games Competition Schedule.The Winter Olympics, which began on February 4 and ended on February 20, will feature seven events, 15 events and 109 events.According to the schedule, the first event will be held on the evening of February 2, with the mixed doubles curling team competing before the opening ceremony. The final event will be held on the afternoon of February 20, deciding the gold medal in the women’s 30km mass start (free technique) in cross-country skiing.With the enhancement of China’s competitive strength of ice and snow sports, there will be Chinese athletes stepping on the highest stage of ice and snow sports almost every competition day.* The schedule is from the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games Competition Schedule 12th Edition * The schedule is subject to change