Why does the phenomenon of “nominally handling cases” exist in the Two Houses of The People’s Procuratorate

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Source: French without borders;Author: zhuo new during the Spring Festival, I chat with relatives of a people’s procuratorate at the grassroots level, he said: “we the people’s procuratorate cadres fault is too much, the concrete work is essentially young people, but most of them are not in the forehead, and older account for a specific number, so many of them are assistant prosecutor in front case”.Yes, at present, there is indeed a phenomenon of handling cases under pseudonyms in the Two Chambers of the People’s Procuratorate, but we should treat this phenomenon rationally rather than blindly attack it.We can see on the Internet that some judges handle thousands of cases in a year, but is it really done by the judge alone?In the court, we know that it is impossible for a single judge to accomplish such a large number of cases. Behind this, it is not so much the team strength as the painstaking efforts of the judicial assistants in the team.Under the background of a large number of people and a small number of people, a judge has to handle more than 400 cases a year, and he has exhausted his time and energy in court hearings, and has no time to pay attention to other work, such as writing judgments. Can we say that the work of a judge assistant engaged in other than the work of a judge’s court session is a case handling in name?Obviously not!Second, the school leadership of the hearing, collegiate bench work to an assistant, can be called the front case as is known to all, according to the demand of reform of the judicial system, vice President of the court, all needs to case a certain amount of case, but as a result of the court itself administrative affairs and the other party committee, the government does not,, vice President of the court, the weekly 4-5 meeting is common,At the same time, to participate in party meetings, audit committees, external coordination, internal management and so on has been their mentally exhausted.The author believes that, as court leaders, the force of administrative affairs is higher than handling cases. In the eyes of most ordinary court policemen, it may not be the main responsibility of court leaders to handle cases. If the rank treatment and working environment of court policemen can be effectively improved, this sense of gain is far higher than the exemplary force brought by court leaders to handle cases.Therefore, if the leaders of the court hand over all the work other than the opening of court sessions and discussion to their assistants, the author does not consider it as a case handling in name only.However, the special committee of the court and procuratorate should focus on handling cases because it is positioned as a judge.Some people think that before the current round of reform, the cultivation mode from the clerk — assistant judge — judge is more reasonable, the author seconds.Because of the experience of trial, if the judicial assistant only gets in touch with matters other than the substantive hearing of the case and cannot immerse himself in the case, it will be difficult to improve his case handling ability in an orderly manner.In the case that the conflicts between the number of people and the number of people cannot be completely resolved in a short period of time, the judicial assistants have a lot of contact with the drafting of judgment documents, mediation and other work, which will be of great benefit to the improvement of the professional ability of judicial assistants.Although judicial assistants do not enjoy the high status of post judges, they should make every effort to prepare for employment, and such preparation can only be hardened by handling cases.How to adapt to the high rhythm of handling cases after entering the amount if you lie flat because of not entering the amount.Therefore, in order to alleviate the contradiction between the number of cases and the number of cases, it is necessary to make full use of the human resources of judicial assistants, and it is necessary to let judicial assistants “handle cases under pseudonyms”.But more importantly, we should improve the assessment mechanism and promotion mechanism, so that the judicial assistant who is willing to handle cases and make good cases can have ambition and benefit.From this, can form the fist power that handles a case truly.At the same time, when we publicize the number of cases handled per person, or when a judge handles thousands of cases per year, we should also highlight the names of those judicial assistants who work quietly behind the scenes.Because, military MEDALS also have half of them!