Build a sports and leisure belt along the River, build a 30km ecological corridor and the most beautiful riverside park group

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At the beginning of spring, the Yellow River in lanzhou style line big scenic area management committee put forward the new development plan, to seriously implement the Yellow River in the process of the development strategy of ecological protection and high quality, will continue to implement the “start force, a good” important entrust, closely around the CPC municipal committee and municipal government center work, speed up the construction of the Yellow River flood discharge in the Yellow River calm, a mother’s love sharing, the Yellow River ecological benefit “Huang Hefu way”,With outstanding achievements to welcome the opening of the party’s 20th victory.Development planning for the classes to draw high quality new blueprint in 2022, Yellow River style line large scenic area management committee will hold fast to build “area”, the new age to promote the development of the western region to form a new pattern, the Yellow River basin ecological protection and high quality development, Nancy urban construction and other major national strategy, as well as the provincial capital of “strong” on the operation strategy of precious opportunity,Around the comprehensive Yellow River article, the construction of domestic well-known waterfront landscape belt, in accordance with the overall planning and special planning of large scenic spots, actively strive for funds, promote the implementation of relevant projects, and strive to build a new high-quality development pattern of “one river and two sides fly side by side, protection and development go hand in hand, and the deep integration of industry and city people and landscape”.Adhere to the green development new strides in efforts to protect the value of lanzhou Yellow River style line big scenic spot protection management regulations imposed as an opportunity to big style line of the Yellow River scenic area management committee will further improve the working mechanism, standardize law enforcement procedures, strengthen the team construction, promote the way of thinking, concept of the rule of law, the rule of law under the rule of law through scenic area construction management process,It provides strong legal guarantee for ecological protection and high quality development of Lanzhou section of the Yellow River.Overall planning of water ecology, water environment, water resources and water landscape, activating the Yellow River coastline, skillfully doing landscape works, promoting the implementation of matan wetland ecological restoration, upgrading and renovation of small West Lake Park and other fine projects, greening and beautifying the riverside area of the Olympic Sports Center, creating a good environment for the 15th Gansu Provincial Games.We will continue to strengthen comprehensive improvement of rivers and shorelines, build 30-kilometer ecological corridors and a cluster of the most beautiful riverside parks, and form a well-arranged urban landscape.Persisting in culture as the soul, elaborately constructing a new territory integrating culture and tourism, and deeply excavating cultural tourism resources is an important chapter to continue to promote the construction of scenic spots along the Yellow River.To the construction of the Yellow River national cultural park as an opportunity to created as leading Bai Dashan 5 a grade scenic spot, and accelerate the Bai Dashan comprehensive promotion transformation, Jin Chengguan Yellow River culture tourism demonstration area construction of key projects, such as sculpture square, promote reform of the Yellow River mother “love respect filial piety the old support” theme park construction, optimize the rest service outlets, street shops, leisure tea stall formats such as layout,A number of education and research bases, such as Beilin and Shuichuan Park, have been cultivated, and landmark punch-card Tours and cultural experience Tours have been launched to give new impetus to cultural tourism.We will enrich the supply of quality tourism products, expand the brand influence of night trips to the Yellow River, continue to hold cultural activities such as the Yellow River Art Festival and music performances, build stages for the people, and increase public participation.We will cooperate in organizing the Yellow River Mother’s Day and the International Sculpture Exhibition with the theme of “Maternal Love” to stimulate the release of tourism consumption potential, constantly promote the integration of resources, services and industries, and form a good situation of overlapping advantages.Shoot and broadcast special publicity videos of scenic spots to fully display the cultural and scenic features of the Yellow River and attract more domestic and foreign tourists to visit.In the New Year, the Yellow River scenic area management committee will speed up the construction of slow travel system, promote the implementation of yintan Yellow River Bridge to Qilihe Yellow River bridge section of the river fitness footpath project, and strive to complete the urban 50 km waterfront footpath cycle during the “14th five-year plan”.We will accelerate the construction of sports and leisure belts along the river, build a number of fitness centers for all, allocate a number of sports facilities and add a number of service facilities for the convenience of the people.In order to meet the new needs of citizens for a better life and create a “happy river” for the benefit of the people, the “15-minute life circle” will be built by connecting sightseeing paths, fitness trails, cross-river Bridges, theme parks, small amusement parks and leisure sites.Security is the cornerstone of construction and development.The Management Committee of Yellow River Scenic Spots will continue to improve the normal safety inspection mechanism of river shorelines, strengthen the Yellow River flood prevention and tourism safety and other preventive measures, comprehensively rectify the problems of flood prevention and disaster prevention, and strive to build a safe urban space.To provide citizens with a more secure and sustainable sense of security, China has tightened its epidemic prevention and control responsibilities, implemented measures such as “three tests, one test”, passenger flow guidance and “one meter noodles”.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Wang Xiaoxuan