Chun Li peach varieties

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The varieties of Chunli peach are as follows: 1. Chunli peach is an early maturing variety, flowering from March to mid-April and ripening in June with a flowering period of 65 days.2. Chunli peach fruit is oval, single fruit 180 grams, up to 260 grams, fruit top smooth, no obvious joints, on both sides of the position, yellowish green skin, white flesh.Spring peach trees with luxuriant foliage, crown half open, can be all kinds of fruit branches, the first section in the first to the second section, the flower shape such as rose, stamen pollen, cold resistance after maturity, in the tree after flowering is not easy to fall.Spring peaches are mostly planted in spring and autumn.For spring, it can be done from January to March, and for autumn, it can be done from November to December.During the planting process, the seeds can be removed from the fruit and soaked in water for five to seven days.Some seeds are damaged by pests and cannot be used or germinated.To grow well, you must have good soil.If other plants are planted before planting, disinfect them first and then pour nutrient soil into a pot.If you are planting in a field, you must prepare ahead of time and not have too much soil.When you’re done, put the seeds in the ground.After planting, cover with about six centimeters of soil.