Share an early Figure painting “Festival and Excess”

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This is a painting from the subject, an old man just catch up a big fish, very meet happy expression, although character sketch is a bit hasty, but he is right to have a chapter, replacement is in place, dated signature “Shang Zubao”, without this happens, I query baidu, and without the person, we can’t prove that, otherwise a poem;Old before where to find the wizard, had experienced jiangnan wind and rain, ha vomit vomit sound startled land, the moon with my drunken cry.At the end of the poem, dated “YuNa ink strange”, “YuNa” should be refers to the zhejiang shangyu, there is no find the similar early “Shang Zubao” names, with “GengWu years”, should be 1810 or 1870, paragraph with “tianbao” seal “dry qing jian treasure”, draw directly above a “treasure of the emperor’s father emperor” XiYin, not to mention so XiYin is true or not,Looking at “dry as a treasure” qing XiYin position, there will be a doubt, this chapter belongs to XiYin, usually cover then on the right side, left on the picture for court XiYin seal position, there is a rule, so this chapter XiYin should belong to false of the painting, as for the signature style of calligraphy, and painting style, very close, so I decided that from the author of the painting, in fact,I am also learning painting and calligraphy appraisal, but the knowledge of appraisal involves too much, too deep, not in a day, so there are too many things to learn, I hope teachers, give advice, thank you!Looking at Chen Color, this painting has a history of at least several decades. Therefore, it is not an ancient painting, but also an old one. The scroll is 163cm high and 48cm wide, and the painting is 102cm high and 39cm wide.