The suiyang District southern New Town to hand over 1544 sets of resettlement houses

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“Here is a good location, wide building spacing, green, beautiful facade, the overall layout of high-end atmosphere;There is also a separate laundry room, which is very human and we are very happy with it.”On February 18, Chen Yunlong and Zhang Wei, the couple who got the key to the resettlement room, stood excitedly in the new room of 113 square meters.On the morning of the same day, many residents came to the settlement site of F12 plot in the second section of the Suiyang District southern New Town. Under the guidance of the staff, they completed the water and electric property contract signing, capital settlement, checking the receipt, property delivery and other processes, and happily got the keys to the new house.It is understood that the land settlement of 1,544 houses, a total area of about 74,736 square meters, delivery work will be completed as soon as possible, household by household, in batches.The construction and distribution of resettlement housing concerns the vital interests and basic livelihood of the people, and is a major livelihood project.Suiyang district since the launch of arrogance shantytown renovation work to elevate the work as the urban grade, expand the development space, stimulating economic growth, guarantee the important measures to improve people’s livelihood, and always adhere to the high-level positioning, a high starting point plan, high-standard construction, high level management standard of “four high”, since the pressure, as actively,We will spare no efforts to start work, accelerate progress, supervise and ensure safety, and accelerate the building of modern homes that are comfortable and livable.The new town in the south of Suiyang District covers a total area of about 5 square kilometers. It is adjacent to the central city of Shangqiu in the north, Suiyang industrial agglomeration in the south, Grand Canal ruins park in the west and Central business District of Shangqiu in the east. It is another important carrier to promote the reconstruction of shanties, coordinate the urban and rural development of Suiyang district and accelerate the integration of industry and city.It is the largest urban complex with perfect functions, beautiful environment and high-end configuration in the southern part of Shangqiu Urban planning Area. According to unified planning, this area can accommodate 100,000 people in three years.It is understood that the last suiyang district resettlement housing allocation at the beginning of this year, is located in the changjiang road and zhongzhou road intersection near the Xinhua community guozhihong real estate in the city village project.The project covers an area of 256,000 square meters and 1,348 households have been demolished.At present, the resettlement housing area of 225,000 square meters has been completed, with a total of 16 resettlement buildings and 2,263 houses.According to statistics, since 2011, the Suiyang District total transformation shantytown (village in the city) project 33, involving a total of 72,742 households, resettlement housing construction task 45479 sets, building area of about 5,112,800 square meters.Suiyang district area ChangSunJingQuan says it will continue to adhere to the people as the center of the development of ideas, depth of focus suiyang district “five article” quality development, efforts to improve people’s livelihood people, improve people’s well-being, to “I does the practical work for the masses” as the fundamental starting point, to further speed up the construction of housing for assignment work, strive to make more character moving masses returned as soon as possible, enjoy the reform development achievement,Start a new happy life.