Daliu Town in Yuanhui District has made great efforts to optimize the business environment

2022-06-09 0 By

This article from: zhongyuan media henan economic news reporter Shi Guilin since this year, daliu township adheres to the optimization of business environment as high quality advance town domain economy development to grasp the focus of the work, the more promotion, improved style, strengthen supervision and so on serious, strive to solve the problem of the difficulties encountered in the production and operation of enterprises.Strengthen propaganda to create an atmosphere.By jurisdiction, enterprises, the main project construction hanging publicity banners, distribution optimization business environment, regulations, policies, “understood”, vigorously carry out publicity, and integrate convenient service center, service center of industrial development, economic development service center, such as personnel power, active to individuals and enterprises workshop, project on the line,We will raise awareness among enterprises and the public about policies to improve the business environment.Improve the style of service.Surrounding this year’s “ability to the attitude construction year” activities, to form a special optimization business environment work team, guided by the demands of service enterprises, through field visits, symposia, advice and other regular in-depth enterprise, for financial support, JiangFei tax cuts and subsidies for the hui qi policies such as reading, technical transformation, face to face to listen to your enterprise demands and Suggestions,Assisted enterprises to coordinate and solve the problems encountered in the process of production and operation, and successively helped enterprises to solve 6 problems such as environmental protection and drainage.We will strengthen oversight and ensure implementation.The work of optimizing the business environment will be included in the year-end assessment and evaluation system for township and village officials to enhance their sense of responsibility and mission.Optimize business environment rectification activities, service enterprises, credit enterprise policy implementation, peg window problems in service quality, etc, through report released report box, telephone intensify supervision, to the destruction of doing business, found to investigate and punish, together to achieve the “zero tolerance”, in order to optimize the business environment.In the next step, the town will continue to take concrete and hard measures to optimize the business environment, constantly strengthen service awareness, solve development problems, improve service efficiency, and constantly enhance the “soft power” of the town’s business environment.