Pingnan Gantang: Light up civilization practice “Volunteer Red”

2022-06-09 0 By

Party flag red, medical white, public security blue, health green……At the forefront of epidemic prevention in Gantang Township, the most common type is still the bright “volunteer red”, which has a common name — volunteers for the practice of Civilization in the New Era.When the “announcer” transmission epidemic prevention of the strongest voice “war epidemic beacon smoke everywhere, protection can not be careless, there are hidden dangers, special period to be vigilant.”The sound of the radio reverberates through the alleys of the village, and the volunteers, armed with loudspeakers, roam the village streets, hunting for hidden corners.”I basically go around three times a day and use the loudspeaker to speak local dialect, which the old people at home can understand.””Said the volunteer.FIG. 1 Volunteers walk on Wanglin Village Road holding loudspeakers to act as “knockers” and weave a strict network for epidemic prevention. “Uncle, during epidemic prevention and control, masks should be properly worn, safety comes first.”Volunteers actively carried out “knock on the door” and carried out voluntary service activities such as household registration and promotion of health and epidemic prevention knowledge throughout the township. They pasted more than 199 posters and visited households for more than 660 times. Through “carpet” screening, they continuously strengthened prevention and control efforts and effectively strengthened the defense line of epidemic prevention and control.FIG. 2 Volunteers in The Main street of Gantang Village to encourage villagers to wear masks. FIG. 3 Volunteers in Xintian Village to paste the epidemic prevention and control announcement and serve as the “gatekeeper” to guard the key input. “Hello, Sir, please put on a mask and show the travel code and health code to cooperate with our registration information.”Volunteers stationed in more than 70 microgrids in 17 administrative villages of Gantang Township, no matter rain or rain, cooperated with the village committees to do a good job in vehicle personnel guidance, temperature check and code check, and information registration, and registered more than 200 people returning to their hometowns, effectively guarding the import and safety clearance of epidemic prevention and control.Figure 4 volunteers in the village under the riverbank to verify the return of vehicles holding loudspeakers to walk the streets of publicity, beat the gong paste announcement, persuade the villagers to wear masks, check the village return of vehicles, household visit registration information……They are “broadcasters”, “knockers”, “gatekeepers”, but also people close to the people.Volunteers in the practice of civilization in the new era guard the people’s “health green” with “volunteer red”, they incarnated a little glimmer of light, aggregation for torch shining, disperse the haze layer upon layer of the epidemic, depicting a charming landscape of grassroots epidemic prevention.(Zhang Gan, Shun Chen Rong) Source: Pingnan County Gantang Township government