Thermaltake G821, my first mechanical keyboard with hand rest

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In the early stage, I bought two mechanical keyboards, Keychron K4 and MACHENIKE K600, respectively, because of the hand feel and lamp effect of mechanical keyboard. Keychron K4 was later used by my wife, and MACHENIKE K600 had some problems. Jingdong after-sales maintenance directly replaced it with a new one.I just sold it.Use the original double swallow film keyboard, feel is really bad, or consider buying a mechanical keyboard.Because bluetooth connection is mostly used, after playing two keyboards with light effect, I have no interest in the light effect, bluetooth use too much power, the light effect is also a waste of eyes, so I simply look for a mechanical keyboard without backlight and bluetooth support.After various searches, I got two mechanical keyboards, THE TT G821 Aviator and the IKBC W210.Why buy two?One for work, one for home.Today, let’s take a look at the TT G821 Aviator three-mode mechanical keyboard.There is a rendering picture of G821 on the front of the package. The 20 years in the upper right corner should be the year of the brand’s establishment, and there is a red axis under the year. G821 uses the original red axis of Cherry MX, and the model also has tea axis and green axis to choose.On the back is the introduction of keyboard features and functions, supporting Windows, Android, IOS, OSX and other mainstream systems, our company UOS non-mainstream systems have tried to support.The set includes TT G821 Aviator three-mode mechanical keyboard, key puller, Type-C cable, 2.4g transmitter, user guide, and 2 AA batteries.G821 keyboard layout is a standard 104 – key mode, the top right corner has bluetooth options button, 2.4 G selection button, game mode, mute, volume adjustment, five multimedia keys, and more specifically the volume adjustment is roller design, adjust the volume by rolling precision, but is the placement in the upper right-hand corner, some is not very friendly,Personally, I think the upper left corner is more consistent with the operation habits.The G821 keyboard is grey and black with a TT logo in the upper left corner.The number key 1, 2 and 3 of the main function location have Bluetooth logo on the side of the key cap, which can be paired with up to 3 devices and switched by combining Fn+ number key.G821 key cap does not have light effect, I have used two mechanical keyboard with light effect, played also no interest, as a wireless keyboard to use the light effect of battery life injury, specifically selected this no light effect, serious work to reduce interference.The power switch, located on the right side of the keyboard, can also be used for battery level detection.The G821 supports automatic energy saving and automatically enters hibernation mode when not in use for a long time, ensuring a longer battery life.The keyboard type-c interface is designed in the middle position, and the wired mode uses the traditional wiring mode. As for the design of left-right wiring, I bought ikBC W210 at the same time, which supports three kinds of left-right wiring. After experiencing the feeling, the design of left-right wiring should only be used by a small number of people.So G821 didn’t do that either.G821 uses the design of one-piece hand rest, trustee and keyboard connection can not be disassembled, frosted touch is good.As for this integrated design, it may be a matter of opinion, but the downside is that it can’t be disassembled, which increases the size and weight of the entire keyboard and makes it less portable.The benefit is that you don’t have to shuffle around the desktop, or some players get so involved in the game that the keyboard falls off.G821 uses the original PBT key cap, radium carving process to deal with the surface characters, not easy to fade, texture touch is very good.Shaft body is used on the German CHERRY CHERRY red shaft, usually mainly used for typing, straight up and down feel light, long time typing fingers will not acid.G821 bottom design is more interesting, the initial look at the official publicity picture, I thought the bottom is hollow design, hand only to find the mirror + slash stripe design, the official publicity picture some people.There are 5 non-slip pads in the middle of keyboard corners, which can ensure that the flat desktop is placed firmly.The battery compartment uses two no.5 batteries, and the 2.4g transmitter is also stored here.The bottom of the figure-eight foot is also designed with anti-slip rubber pad. When it is used at a certain Angle, it can also have a good stabilizing effect on the bottom.TT G821 Aviator three-mode mechanical keyboard experience is still quite satisfactory, wireless + Bluetooth + wired three-mode can cope with units, home host, notebook, mobile phone and tablet devices and multiple scenarios, as long as the pair, you can switch the use of keyboard shortcuts or key combinations, extremely convenient.It is the first time to use the keyboard with a hand support, which greatly reduces the wrist numbness of the code word for a long time. The use of cherry shaft also ensures the ease and comfort of the code word.The only drawback of the G821 is that the integrated handrest design increases the size and weight of the keyboard, making it less portable. Although no one may be running around with the keyboard all the time, a detachable design would be a better choice.As for many people will say backlight and built-in charging, in fact, there is another TT G521 PRO optional, according to their needs to choose.