Bushfires continue to rage across Western Australia, destroying homes and animals

2022-06-10 0 By

Bushfires continue to rage through parts of Western Australia, destroying homes, animals and tens of thousands of hectares of land.Several warnings have been issued.In Serpentine-Jarrahdale county, about 30km south of Perth, an emergency warning has been issued from Anketell Road to the north, Tuart Road to the east, Thomas Road to the south and Treeby Road to the west, Nine News reported Sunday.The town of Corrigin is reported to be the latest fire line, which at one point spread 35 kilometers.Ashley Jones, a local, said: “All you could do was watch the fire burn because of the wind and try to save the house or the shed, but some of it was too late.”At least one house in Corrigin was destroyed, along with many sheds, farm machinery and a large number of livestock.In addition, The county of Denmark remains the epicenter of the bushfire disaster.”Bushfires are relentless because the winds change and they almost seem determined to burn everything there,” said Geoff Dowling, a farmer.(Yuan Chunling)