Gac Trumpchi M8 replacement model information exposure, Toyota hybrid support, advance booking explosive models

2022-06-10 0 By

Recently, we learned from relevant channels that gaC Trumpchi M8 replacement model information, GAC Trumpchi M8 replacement model code is A88, is expected to be officially launched within the year.It is reported that the new generation of GAC Trumpchi M8 will not only improve the appearance and interior, but also provide more choices in the power system.The Toyota THS hybrid system, which has been used in the previous GAC Trumpchi GS8, is expected to continue to be used in the GAC Trumpchi M8, which will be unveiled together with the fuel version.In terms of appearance, the vehicle size of GAC Trumpchi M8 is expected to be 5089X1884X1822 with a wheelbase of 3000mm.Its successor is expected to be longer than the current model, with enhanced third-row and trunk space.In terms of appearance, gaC Trumpchi M8 is expected to provide a variety of different appearance series such as master version, leadshow version and well-being version to meet the needs of different consumers.In terms of power, the GAC Trumpchi M8 will be equipped with a 2.0t hybrid system with a maximum power of 140KW and a maximum torque of 320NM, and a 2.0t turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 185KW and a maximum torque of 390NM.In terms of powertrain, the GAC Trumpchi M8 replacement is expected to be matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission.It is worth noting that the Toyota THS hybrid system is also used in the Toyota Sena, but in terms of engine tuning, it seems that the GAC Trumpchi M8 will be superior.As one of the best-selling MPV models in 2021, trumpchi M8 has always been in demand, even in terminals where there is a waiting period of 1.5-3 months after ordering.The launch of trumpchi M8 replacement models is bound to strengthen trumpchi M8’s product strength, and it is believed that trumpchi M8 will have a better performance in the market.Let us know in the comments what you think of the Trumpchi M8.