I corrected my daughter’s composition

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A thousand years ago, I lived in a small city like this.The town is surrounded by water on all sides, and its people live a harmonious and happy life.In the northeast corner of the city, there is a hexagonal pavilion, facing the river.There are several tall ginkgo trees growing by the side of the pavilion, which show different appearance with the changes of the four seasons.I like its tender green in spring, its luxuriant in summer, the bright yellow leaves dancing in autumn wind, and guarding the pavilion like guards in winter snow.That’s what I love the most.One late summer morning, I was looking at the distant landscape.In the middle of the river there is a small wetland, above the growth of many unknown grass, flowers.Jujiu, a pair of dear jujiu birds, was the cry of “Juguan” from somewhere.They must have played in the water again, must be a layer upon layer of ripples, frightened many fish and shrimp in the river.The silence was broken by a beautiful song from a distance.Following the song and looking up, there was a slim, elegant and beautiful woman, picking turtles in a small boat.With the boat’s movement, the woman bent over and brought forth a rainbow with a stroke.I enjoyed the scenery on the shore and thought: isn’t this the good companion I’ve been dreaming of?Back home, the scene of the day again and again in mind, so perfect woman, how can I make friends with her, for this, I in bed in toss and turn, difficult to sleep.The next day I waited for her to appear in the summer-house with my lute, which I had prepared, and I thought I played a piece of music for her to catch her attention.The woman heard my music, slowly and I talk, I think, we should be friends.So we made an appointment to bring the bell and drum to play our favorite music with her tomorrow.The story of the Book of Songs spread for thousands of years, as good as ever, so that after thousands of years we are infinite yearning, through the fog of time to find that good.