Pig eight quit is how to become lazy again of?Sun Wukong, Guanyin and Tang Seng are all involved

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When it comes to pig eight quit, a lot of people’s first impression is that he is a glutton, lazy and lustful.I am in “pardonable pig eight quit lustful, you see what he experienced so” in one article preliminary analysis pig eight quit the reason that this kind of disposition forms.So pig eight quit exactly is when lost work enthusiasm, completely lie flat?And listen to a smile to comb carefully for everyone.Pig eight quit after going out tall old village, when beginning still behave very active, in original work it is so write: face tiger vanguard — say not, see that hillside below, cut tail to run hoof, jump out a beautiful tiger, panic gets that Three Tibet sit unstablely carve saddle, turn over root head to drop white horse, reclining in roadside, true be be utterly utterly gone.Eight quit lost luggage, nail palladium, do not let the walker to come forward, drink a way: “evil animal!That way!”Hurry to go, cut the head off.Fierce battle quicksand river – that strange a whirlwind, rush ashore, the path rob Tang’s monk, panic so that the traveler embrace the master, rush up the high bank, turn back to take off.The eight jie put down his burden and cast iron and palladium, hoping that the goblin would build it, and the monster would prop up the staff.The two of them on the quicksand bank, each playing hero.After receiving sand monk, pig eight quit thought to have a teacher younger brother to be able to share the heavy responsibility that he carries a burden originally, but did not think of Sun Wukong root does not have the plan that redistributes a task.So pig eight quit began to complain: “elder brother, you only know you walk light province, where tube others tired drop?Ever since we crossed the quicksand River, we’ve been climbing mountains with a heavy burden on our shoulders!”How did sun Wukong respond?The following dialogue between brothers and teachers is very interesting — the traveler said, “Fool, you seem to have a grudge in your words.Still like in Gao Laozhuang, lazy and not happy at ease, afraid not also.If we are upright samanas, we must eat and suffer to become disciples.”Eight quit way: “elder brother, you see this carry luggage multiple?”The traveler way: “brother, since had you and sand monk, I again never carry, that know multiple?”Eight quit way: “elder brother ah, you see number son yao: four yellow cane callow, length eight rope.And to protect against rain, felt three or four layers.The tablet still worries about slippery, nail on both ends.Brass inlaid with iron, with nine rings, and a great cloak of silk and vine.It’s hard to carry so much luggage for an old pig, but you have to be master’s apprentice and take me as a permanent worker!”The walker laughed and said, “Idiot, who are you talking to?”Eight quit way: “elder brother, say with you mile.”The traveler said, “I was wrong.Lao Sun only master good or bad, you and Sand monk, specialized in baggage horses.But if neglects some son, go up first a thick stick!Ba Jie said: “Elder brother, don’t say dozen, dozen is with force deceives others.I know your pride, and you will not choose it;But the horse master rode was so big and fat that it carried only an old monk. It was a brotherly gesture to teach him to carry a few things.”Originally is pig eight quit and sand monk two people special management baggage horse, but sand monk has not picked the burden of the expression (86 edition “Journey to the West” in this point shot wrong, in the original work is pig eight quit pick luggage, sand monk is responsible for leading a horse.But tang’s horse is a small white dragon, the root does not need people to lead, Sand monk is completely a sinecure).Pig eight quit bad straight let sand monk carry luggage, hit the idea to white horse.But this is again rejected by Sun Wukong.The traveler said, “You say he is a horse!He is not fan Ma, this is the west Sea dragon king ao ran’s son, called dragon horse three prince….Fortunately, the Bodhisattva visited him in person, but removed his scales and horns, picked a bead, and turned him into this horse, willing to carry master to the west to worship Buddha.This is everyone’s result, you don’t climb him.”– To pig eight quit for, the weight of a few pieces of luggage does not calculate what originally, but the person is not suffer from oligonistic and suffer from uneven, especially so on the job.But Sun Wukong regardless of this matter, Tang’s monk also silent, pig eight quit hard to avoid have complaint.To the “four saint test zen heart” of the place, Sun Wukong early to see the signs, but he is not to say – the old way: “Apprentice, you and see that wall car, there is a court, but we are good to sleep.”The traveler heard the words, hurriedly raised his eyes and see, fruit see that mid-air celebrate cloud enveloped, Rui mist cover full, know is Buddha fairy point, he did not dare to leak the truth, only way: “good!Good!Good!We’ll spend the night.”So, the master and apprentice four people, pig eight quit a person a head into the li Shan old mother, guanyin set the trap.When pig eight quit drops to trap, Sun Wukong not only did not have a bit to remind, still laugh at pig eight quit all the time, still do intentionally even “shuler”, lead pig eight quit to enter the water.The traveler said, “Calculating?If you are willing, you can teach master to be an in-laws with the woman, and you can be a son-in-law who steps on the door.His family has wealth, such as treasure, must accompany the dowry, renovate a pro feast, we also fall some benefit.You’re here, and you’re not having the best of both worlds?”Tang’s monk and Sand monk also did not advise and remind pig eight quit, but also like Sun Wukong, the pig eight quit to the pit push.In the original work, it is clearly written: The Way of the Three Tibetans: “If you are not willing to teach Wu Jing here.””Second brother,” Said Wu Jing, “you should be his son-in-law.”The result originally still hesitates the pig eight quit, in the teacher and the teacher brothers instigate, directly “into the pit”.If it is a mortal or a demon set it is easy to say, but this set is lishan old mother, Avalokitesvara, Puxian and Manjusri, three of them are Buddhism’s high level, after the success of sutras is also zhu Eight Quit leadership — although not a direct leadership, but after all, in the face of the leadership directly make mistakes, the nature is more serious!Although pig eight quit did not plan to mix in Buddhism to how high position, but also did not think to be not well done ah.But now not only by the leadership fishing law enforcement caught current, but also tied to a night hanging – physical pain inverted worth while, in the psychological this is a large social death scene ah!Pig eight quit of face again thick, heart again wide, also cannot stand so disgraceful show an eye.And in pig eight quit cognition, “monk is color in hungry ghost”, “everyone has this heart, alone take old pig make a fool of themselves”.How could he not be disappointed with the team?The leader finished the inspection, but also left a brief post son, public pronouncement: holy monks have virtue but no vulgarity, the eight precepts without Zen more.From now on meditation must be changed, if the road is difficult to neglect!The best way to destroy a man is to seize his faults and hit him hard.Public criticism and parading can only warn others, which is of no use to the reform of the parties concerned, and even has strong negative effects.So, from now on pig eight quit flat lie flat, in the back even mercilessly revenge other team members especially sun Wukong together — this let’s next decomposition.