The judges of “Pear Garden Spring” think of themselves as superior, but some are controversial, some are amateurs

2022-06-11 0 By

Pear Garden Spring is considered to be the leader of opera variety shows, but now many people want to change the channel after watching it, so why is it so?In fact, the show is controversial to this day.Liyuan Spring is called “Liyuan”, which is an ancient nickname for opera troupe, which refers to all kinds of operas.Because some people think that “Pear Garden spring” since the program to “pear garden” but mainly henan local opera, this is really some inappropriate.Of course, some people think that The program “Liyuanchun” is produced by Henan SATELLITE TV, so it should focus on developing local opera in Henan.Both views are true, just in different ways.But many people have a common dislike for some of the judges on “Pear Garden Spring” that these people are really not suitable.For example, Zhou Wei’s previous paragraph on the network spread a “donor” scandal, and Zhou said his number was stolen, but whether true or false this matter is not good.In addition, when he served as a judge on Pear Garden Spring, he acted in an unruly and ruffian way. He even thought that one contestant who had won many honors outside the program should be given to another, which was a disregard for the fairness of the program.There are xiaoxiangyu and others, although this kind of people are opera actors, but famous, but their professional art level is not high, so the players can not make an objective evaluation.In addition, some of the hosts and judges consider themselves superior to others, and often speak posturing that makes people very disgusted.Of course, I can’t blame these people, because they don’t come without being invited!(Disclaimer: this article content is love traditional youth original, shall not be reproduced without authorization, some pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you.)