Beyond 25: Defeat in the Four Nations race to the North

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Fang Yifei banged the table, trying to stop himself from shaking, but it was no use.Zhang Haoyu was entrusted by Li Guiming, to bring back the nutritious meal, but as soon as he came back, he found that the party was gone.Li Guiming received the news of Zhang Haoyu, riding a bicycle to go out looking for, but also please help yourself to find.Party easy to fly at this time has been in the waiting hall, is going to get on the bus, Li Guiming just arrived, asked him to work hard for seventeen years, so give up.In fact, the easy to fly also want to slide, but the easy to fly can not accept others say he can not, more can not accept their own know that they can not.Li Guiming knew that yi Fei was brought up by his mother, very strong, persuade its wood is easy to fold, sometimes admit a coward, a lot of things can be in the past.Li Guiming took out the skates used when Fang Yifei was six years old and gave it to Him in advance, so that he could decide whether to leave or stay.Fang Yi Fei already burst into tears, took the skates to Fang Guiming, tightly held in his arms.Li Guiming is not good at expressing emotion, summon up courage, this just take a hand in the square yi fei shoulder, good life comfort him.Yi Fei was Li Guiming back to his bedroom, he arranged to sleep on the bed, he is sleeping on the sofa.In Nagoya in May 2017, Yan Xiujing was excited to invite her to the north.Xiang bei did not compete in the 1,000m, her best event, but in the 500m with Yan xiujing, who was under great pressure and thought she had no chance to place.North in the game, encountered Korean tactics, was someone else false start once affected a good attitude, and in the choice of starting posture, encountered the battle between heaven and man, the ear has been ringing Chen Jingye and Li Guiming words.Starting in parallel to the north, she was half a body slower than others, and was defeated by Kim Nam-ji and Eom Soo-jeong of the South Korean team.After the defeat to the north, very remorse, tears can not help but flow down.Chen Professionalism in front of the TV, see the north of the defeat, know that they do not let her change the start, thus missing the opportunity, the TV off, alone meditation.Coach Sun know north after the defeat, the in the mind must be sad, specially took her to the game city to relax, tell north no matter how strong the strong have short board.After going back, north will participate in the team’s tryouts, coach Sun let north don’t think much.North knows they are no better than the Four Nations and can accept whatever the team wants.Summer training team members are riding, Fang Yifei suddenly fell to the ground, his hands shaking.Li Guiming hurriedly took the team doctor off to see, will be easy to fly on the car.Check the result proves that the body condition of fang Yi Fei has been unable to participate in training, which makes Fang Yi Fei more excited.Yi Fei in order to the Winter Olympics, has paid a lot of efforts, made a lot of preparation, he can not accept their own can not participate in the Winter Olympics, leaving Li Guiming.After returning to the north, Chen Jingyi went to see wu Qinghong, who died.Chen Jingye will find jiang Hong’s good news to tell Wu Qinghong, and admit mistakes to the north before the tomb of Wu Qinghong.Chen Professionalism understand is their own too firm, let the north is not firm, so that in the four nations lost, let the north after training to listen to Li Guiming, other things can also find their own.Back to the north this heart, no longer left and right.Li Guiming feels the influence that everybody suffers defeat of four countries match recently, mood is not high, and square yi fei is such circumstance, organized a party specially.Party easy to fly looked at everyone happy appearance, wanted to quietly leave.Li Guiming pulled the yi Fei back, want to let the yi Fei sing a song to relax.Fang Yi Fei envied everyone’s happiness, came to the stage to share the mood along the way to everyone, raised his trembling hand, announced that has been unable to slide.Party yi Fei packed up, Li Guiming still hope he can stay, but party Yi Fei has made a decision, bowed to Li Guiming and left.