The only way to save men’s football in China is for players and association officials to receive rewards from fans instead

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Editor: This is an article written by Lao Yang Shuoshi in 2019. Three years later, no one took this advice. Therefore, in 2022, Chinese men’s football team suffered another tragedy.For Chinese football, let’s do it again.Chinese football coach Lippi angry run, this should be the biggest joke of Chinese football to the world.As a result, the Chinese Football Association reiterated a salary cap imposed last year: Players in the CSL cannot earn more than rmb10m.Once the salary limit order was issued, there was much discussion. Many people thought that 10 million yuan was still too high, and 365 yuan a year was appropriate.The bottom line: Will the pay cap improve the performance of China’s men’s soccer team?The Internet has changed the world and changed a lot of rules. Can Chinese football introduce a way to earn money from online celebrities, whose salaries are rewarded by fans?When a match is broadcast live, all the income of the team members is rewarded by the fans, including the coach and all officials of the Chinese Football Association.If you play well, you get income; if you don’t play well, no one appreciates you. In this way, the income of Chinese football is linked to the mood of Chinese fans. Can they not play well?Stop pissing people off with state money and corporate sponsorship money.1. There is no shortage of jokes about China’s football team, but this year’s is tougher than ever: Iraq proves that football has nothing to do with economic success or failure.Syria proves that football has nothing to do with war and peace.Qatar proved that football has nothing to do with population.Vietnam proved that football has nothing to do with hot weather.North Korea proved that football has nothing to do with having enough to eat.Japan proved that football has nothing to do with race or region.China proved to the world: football has nothing to do with China.The year 2019 is coming to an end.The country made two big mistakes this year: it shouldn’t have kept a national football team and it shouldn’t have kept pigs.Next year the right decision is to raise pigs with the money spent on the football team.In 2019, everything is connected with pigs. In fact, pigs are also wronged.2. If you play badly, you can earn ten million dollars. If you play well, you are still in heaven.Kick the ball really good on the sky.Say “outlaws of the Marsh” in the high qiu story too stereotypical, because everybody knows in the novel he described as the bad guy who can only kick the ball to ruin the country and the people.Actually, gao Qiu’s article is written pretty good also, the earliest time is su Shi’s secretary, because Su Shi is disparaged, entrust Gao Qiu to zeng Gong’s younger brother of one of tang and Song dynasty eight everybody first, last several classics turn round, just arrived end king Zhao Jithere, reciting ball skill, finally get rich.In fact, in the Northern Song Dynasty, there was another man who was promoted by his basketball skills. His name was Liu Sanfu. He was the elder brother of Liu Sanbian (Liu Yong).”Liu Bin of the Northern Song Dynasty (206 BDR) said in his Collection of Poems in Zhongshan Bin:” When liu bin wanted to see the Duke of The Jin Dynasty, he would throw himself into the backyard of the ball and break into the bin.Out of the book again worship three, each worship, the ball started back to the backbone 幞头, the public is laughing and strange, hence extension at the door.”What do you mean?Liu Sanfu is always thinking of visiting prime Minister Ding Call, but humble, the prime minister of the other people ignore him.It happened that Ding was a football lover, so he secretly ran outside the back garden where Ding played football and waited for his chance.Finally one time, Prime Minister Ding kicked the ball and flew out of the wall. Liu Sanfu hurriedly held the ball in his arms and did not let go, which was tighter than our goalkeeper.The family member had to take him to prime Minister Ding.When he saw the prime minister, he offered his book to worship. He worshipped three times, and each time he saw the ball slide between his head and his spine, but it would not fall off!Ding call laugh, appreciate his ball skill very much, put him under the door, later Liu Sanfu also made an officer.Liu Sanfu’s younger brother Liu Sanchange, no brother’s luck and ball skills, repeated attempts, the official movement is not good, every day “Willow bank xiaofeng moon”, unexpectedly into graceful poetry everyone.I am not regretful. I am haggard for You.Football is not good, to find a line of their own career, not like Chinese football, to stay on the field, according to pu Songling’s words: “stop increasing smile ear”.3. There is a tradition in Chinese society that praises the good ones and seldom criticizes the bad ones. It is very difficult to dismiss an employee, including compensation and a bicycle.A land of ceremony!At the end of the year, the media and the conference were full of praise and evaluation of the outstanding, all kinds of “top ten”, and no system or industry continued to evaluate the annual “top ten” and “worst”.Because do good is hard, do bad is a reason, all kinds of reasons.Therefore, Chinese football is shy of a big face, appeared in Asia on all kinds of matches.In fact, the history of Chinese football is not like this, bad play will be punished.In 1437, the Ming Dynasty.Little emperor Zhu Qi zhen just 10 years old, in addition to his lessons, every afternoon there are sports – playing football.One afternoon, wang Zhen, the big eunuch, heard a cry from the court: Ouch — several small eunuch helped the emperor to stagger back, the little emperor’s eyes were kicked open a hole, blood, blood on his clothes.Terrified, Wang Zhen sent for the imperial doctor to give Jinchuang medicine and find out who had kicked him.Five eunuchs kneel in a row and say in unison: It is Li GUI!He grabbed the ball with Viva and kicked him in the forehead.Wang Zhen asked Li GUI harshly: Did you kick long live ye on the forehead?Li GUI was scared to death: “Slaves should die, slaves should die.”Wang Zhen ordered his staff to be charged with forty, and he was beaten to death and thrown into the grave.The empress dowager found out and fined Wang Zhen three months ‘wages.Chinese national Football team, are you good?When you are rich, you can eat, drink and be merry. There have always been various legends about The National football team. In the final analysis, it is too much money and too much desire.In addition to being paid by fans, the national team has another way of selecting players that has a precedent in Chinese soccer history.It was the Time of emperor Xuanzong of the Ming Dynasty.Ming Xuanzong Zhu Zhanji is just kicked the little emperor Zhu Qi town’s father, is also a big football fan.Not only did he play for himself, he was also good at spotting and developing talent.Shen Defu “Wan Li Ye win” addendum volume three said: “Xuande, Han fu army yu Wang Min good cuju, Xuan Zong Xi, castration for the internal shi, after the eunuch.”Wang Min was such a military branch, but this man who was not a regular army was really a regular player. Xuanzong saw his skill and liked it so much that he caxed him and absorbed him into the national team.It should be true, because there is also circumstantial evidence: This is also recorded in Volume 1 of Shuyuan Miscellany written by Lu Rong in the Ming Dynasty, but it is about Wang Min becoming an official after his football career.”When Eunuch Wang Min was guarding Shaanxi, he began to play it, saving a lot of money.Min han Fu jun yu, good tap ju, xuan Temple love and castration.”Emperor Xuanzong likes Wang Min this player, “love and Cajun”, we now always play football is not good, or try this move?Maybe it works?!