Blind Mountain: When will trafficked women go home?

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Editor’s Note: Engels believed that the poverty of the proletariat was not only a lack of material wealth, but also an extreme lack of knowledge, spirit and morality.Behind human trafficking lies an imbalance in the sex ratio of exports.”Xuzhou Eight-child Incident”, the mass media no longer deliberately emphasized and paid attention to the difficulties of male marriage, and women’s reproductive rights and health rights finally attracted social attention.Born in our country every year a population of 17 million, according to every increase a point such as sex ratio at birth increased from 108 to 109, means that there are nearly forty thousand female fetuses lost the right to birth, nearly forty thousand women received abortions, to a surgery spent an average of 500 yuan (including the operation expenses, expenses for medicine, hospital bed fee, etc.), estimates direct loss in 20 million,This is a senseless waste of social resources.No authoritative figures are available on the maternal mortality rate induced by abortion in the first months of the year, but the national maternal mortality rate was 51.3 per 100,000 in 2003 (People’s Daily, 2005-04-08).Statistics show that in the past four years, cases of illegal medical practice causing death and serious injury to victims have been on the rise in Guangzhou, with 80% of victims being pregnant women (Information Times, 2005-05-10).Selective abortion deprives unborn girls of their right to life and survival, promotes a preference for sons, reduces women to simple reproductive tools while damaging their bodies, and inflicts enormous physical and mental trauma on women.Ignoring the protection of women’s rights and interests, such as the right to life, reproductive rights and health rights, is undoubtedly another kind of harm to women, and women can never get rid of the positioning of subordination and satisfaction to others.As early as 2007, a film named Blind Mountain was released. In this film, the tragedy of xue Mei, a college student, being abducted to a mountain village reflects the reflection of poverty on human ethics, social consciousness and egoism.The film is still worth watching today, after all, the principles of self-interest and subjectivity are deeply rooted in human consciousness in a rational world order.In “Blind Mountain”, xue Mei, the heroine, is tricked by human traffickers to sell her medicine to a family as a daughter-in-law at 7,000 yuan. In that remote forest, her fate falls into the abyss of darkness.She was take id card, not a penny on, was imprisoned for a few days after the attempted rape, the villagers’ joke, “husband” feel “humiliation”, the buyer’s parents also provoked, when his son after he was “daughter-in-law” kicked the door again, parents rushed into the room, “daughter-in-law” down on the bed, under the three people together fight, notice was finally successful defiled.Xuemei resisted at least seven times before her father came to her rescue, only to be rebuffed by fate.For the first time, she wanted to persuade with good words, to lose money for the promise to leave the village, but was refused, and in the violence to bear the “husband” Huang Degui of the beast.The second time, after being beaten, he escaped, but was blocked by the villagers. When he went to the village committee for help, he was prevaricated by the village leaders because he had no ID card and needed to be investigated, but was pulled back.The third time, the feet were installed on the chain of her, saw the village cadres to collect taxes outside the window, desperately shot the window for help, the village cadres not only feel that their family matters have nothing to do with it, but also envy Huang Degui “amorous fortune is not shallow”.The fourth time, helpless Bai Xuemei chooses to commit suicide by cutting her wrist, was sent to the hospital to rescue back, the Huang Degui that borrows money for this treats her more aggravating.The fifth time, the village was also abducted to the woman advised after the decision to endure and then look for opportunities.She found the opportunity to run to the road to stop the car, because there is no driver to the three dollars of fare, was caught by Huang Degui back.The sixth time, she pinned her hopes on Huang degui’s cousin with a high school education.Can eventually bet the wrong treasure, cousin used her helpless want to escape psychology, with her escape for the promise and her relationship, things not only did not help her escape, but also left the village alone.The seventh time, in order to get enough to escape the fare, Snow plum and small store boss produced a relationship, when sitting on the bus to the county seat, Huang already in the only way to the car investigation, roadside police also by huang a group of “wife hair nerve” the reason fool get past.Finally, xue Mei, who had given birth to a child, learned from a child named Li Qingshan that the letter he sent was cut off by Huang Degui, and gave the letter to Li Qingshan to send it to the county.The father, who got the news, led the police to the village.Villagers with farm tools blocked the police car, the police can only promise not to take people, leave for help.After the police left, Huang Degui came to the village committee to take Xuemei away and beat xuemei’s father. Xuemei, who had accumulated for a long time, picked up a kitchen knife and chopped it off at Huang Degui’s head…The film came to an abrupt end, leaving only the desolate folk songs echoing alone.There are three main sources of social rights: law, morality and custom.Law is like a beam of light, which, in places closed and remote enough to be inaccessible, depends on custom and patriarchal morality.Although Xue Mei tried every method she could think of, all her plans failed due to the remote location of the village, the surveillance and beatings of her husband’s family, and the complicity of the villagers.”Blind Mountain” has two “blind” characters.At first, the trafficker took Xue to a hotel to rest. The owner of the hotel was familiar with the trafficker and presumably knew what she was doing, but turned a blind eye.The village committee felt that it was none of my business, the village cadres felt that it was a family affair, the postman on the surface of a set behind a set, two escape encountered drivers ignored her call for help, the police inaction, all in the embodiment of the first “blind” word.Then Xuemei was abducted and sold, told Huang Degui, call her father will lose money to him, Huang Degui’s answer is, you called the police, the police came my money spent in vain.In his eyes, buying off women and illegal detention are not things that will lead to prison. They have no normal legal common sense and only care about their own narrow interests, according to their own established norms, so one person, everyone is the same.The whole village thinks that if we buy a daughter-in-law with money, it is our property. If anyone takes it away from us, today I don’t help, tomorrow this will be my fate.Occlusion, backwardness, ignorance, ignorance, this is the second “blind” word.Two simple “blind” word, let the whole mountain become airtight, occasionally light in, but immediately covered by clouds.In the eyes of sun Erniang, who runs a black shop, wu Song, who meets for the first time, is a “sheep with two legs”. No accident should be covered with sweat medicine and made into a stuffed bun;But after getting to know each other, they immediately became respectable Liangshan brothers, as close as a family.In traditional Chinese society, the relationship between group and self is called “differential order pattern” by the sociologist Fei Xiaotong. The kinship, distance and distance formed through the interaction of blood relationship and geography has become the standard and logic for all behavior.According to this logic, a trafficked woman is an anomaly, and only when she complies and integrates with the local ecology (e.g. giving birth to children, forming blood ties) is she considered to be in a network of “social ties” that villagers can understand.Otherwise she is not of the same kind, or even human rights.Perhaps it is precisely because of the social stratification and inequality in small places that young people tend to yearn for fair and equal big cities, where their respect depends not on their proximity but on their professional abilities.This is thanks to the atomization of the family brought about by the reform and opening up and industrialization, which enables individual survival to exist apart from the big family and network structure, and makes individual dignity and value have a preliminary expression.When can trafficked women go home?In 2018, Li Yang said in a video program that among the audience of Blind Mountain, a young migrant girl from Guangdong once left a message to him online, saying that she led some of her younger sisters from her hometown to work in Guangzhou and first organized them to watch the movie Blind Mountain, so that they could learn to protect themselves.And this, let as director Li Yang, from the heart feel proud.”I thought it was worth it to make this movie with my own money.””The real story is much more tragic than the movie,” Li said.That’s true.According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, rape cases from 2013 to 2018 accounted for about 5% of criminal cases, which is not a high proportion at first glance, but in fact, the specific number of known rape cases in recent years is more than 20,000 to 30,000.In addition, according to the data of Peking University Legal Information Network, 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are not counted) have all had cases of abducting and selling women and children, among which 27 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have had cases of buying and selling abducted women and children.News of women being abducted and trafficked emerge in endlessly, from the “female graduate student abducted” which caused a stir in the whole society 34 years ago to today’s “eight-child chained girl in Xuzhou Fengxian County”, showing a bloody reality — women being abducted and trafficked is not an individual case.But we have to believe in the government, since the founding of the People’s Republic of China has continued to carry out land reform, literacy, the abolition of the four olds, reform and opening up, compulsory education, self-reliance…We have gone through countless attempts to reinvent the old.In 2014, the public security organs announced that they had rescued 13,000 abducted children and 30,000 women.In recent years, thanks to China’s anti-trafficking campaign, improved social governance, the real-name train system, the national household registration network and the Sky Net project, the crime rate of human trafficking has dropped significantly.The number of cases registered for trafficking in women and children: 20,735 in 2013, 16,483 in 2014, 9,150 in 2015, 7,127 in 2016, 6,668 in 2017, 5,397 in 2018, 4,571 in 2019, and 3,035 in 2020.I believe that in the near future, with the realization of common prosperity and the reduction of the poor population, these tragedies will not happen again.Finally, an interview with Li Yang, director of Blind Mountain: “When I made this film, I wanted to expose the evil of human nature and let people see it.Unfortunately, maybe people find it too painful, or it’s too far away to be worth paying attention to.Some children, unwilling to face the people around themselves such as her aunt, aunt may be abducted.I’m glad that 15 years later, these people are older and they’re mothers and they relate to it, so it’s being talked about so widely, I think it’s an awakening.”Reference: Engels on The Problem of Poverty, China Social Science Network – Chinese Social Science Journal, author Tang Jieyun, Sex Ratio at Birth in China: From Doubt to Solution, Editorial Department of Population Research, Yang Yunyan, Social Stratification and Inequality, author:Why Didn’t Fengxian Happen in a Poorer, less developed Area? 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