Dali County held scattered martyrs’ graves mass relocation ceremony Tomb-sweeping festival heroes “home”

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Castle peak is honored to bury loyal bones, and its name will inspire future generations forever.On the morning of April 1, Dali County veterans Affairs Bureau and Dali County Procuratorate jointly held a ceremony to move the scattered martyrs’ graves to the park, focusing on the remains of four martyrs zhang Chongyi, Zhou Zhiqi, Zhou Xiangyin, Wang Jixing to the Libei Campaign martyrs cemetery in Dali County.At the ceremony, accompanied by deep low back “The National anthem of the People’s Republic of China” with a very respectful mood, low bow to the martyrs monument in silence.As the soldiers slowly into, we together to the martyrs to offer flowers, remembering the martyrs, escort the flag-covered martyrs coffin to the martyrs monument, carefully placed in flowers surrounded by the morgue.Then, in everyone’s attention, the ceremony will be the martyrs coffin escorted to the martyrs tomb area for burial, martyrs and heroes, finally went home.The burial of the martyrs are zhang Zhongyi martyrs, Zhou Xiangyin martyrs, Wang Jixing martyrs, Zhou Zhiqi martyrs.Some of them sacrificed their lives for national independence and people’s liberation. Some of them sacrificed their precious lives to help others.The spirit of the martyrs is always worth remembering and honoring.Zhang Shangwu, grandson of martyr Zhang Chongyi, said:”Thank the party for the government, the moving ling is my grandpa’s fifth ling, then I said to my grandfather home, lifelong efforts we all feel very glory, feel excited, from yesterday’s ashes handling in the surging excited mood to today’s ceremony, with tears, very excited, moved, we should pay attention to this matter at all the whole society, the history of this spirit is passed down!”Learned, concentrated move graveyard to another place ceremony is deepening Dali county department of veterans affairs and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate jointly carry out the national protection special action at the county level and below the martyr memorial facilities management, further build the advocate heroes, learning heroes, defend the social atmosphere of heroes inspire more people to challenge along the martyr’s footprint.Liu Hui, Deputy Director of Dali County Veterans Affairs Bureau, said:Concentrated at the tomb of the “to move graveyard to another place for the people to better memory of revolutionary martyrs, red inheritance gene, persist red blood, carry forward the spirit of martyrs, we will in the future under the strong leadership of the county party committee county government and the strong support, continuously perfect special martyr memorial facilities protection mechanism, ensure the martyr memorial facilities protection in place, to protect the red position, play a good red resources.”Reporter: Jin Wen Han Dan editor: Jing Bin review: Chongyang supervised production: Guo Qiang