Retired doctors said that walking more and sleeping more are not the only ways to live longer

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Since ancient times, people have hoped to live forever. In Chinese history, there were many emperors who paid the price for pursuing immortality, such as Qin Shihuang.Compared with the past, science and technology are increasingly advanced, living standards have improved, and life expectancy has generally increased.Moreover, people are paying more and more attention to health preservation, hoping to live a long and healthy life.After research, it is found that the length of human life is determined by DNA. Through the discovery of scientists, the methyl particles on the DNA molecule of each person are different, and these particles also determine the length of human life.When a human cell breaks with each division, it shortens a portion of its length, reaching the point where the break cannot be shortened again, it means the end of life.Many people also think that if the particles in the human body do not shorten, can prolong life?In fact, in addition to genes, human longevity and external factors also have a certain impact.For example, now most people develop bad behavior habits, resulting in physical health damage, even if the longevity of the gene, do not pay attention to their own words, then still can not prolong life.Therefore, in order to develop the constitution of longevity, one should not only have longevity genes, but also pay attention to regular work and diet in daily life to help maintain health.A retired doctor said that walking and sleeping more are not the only ways to live a long life, but two things to do. Many people may think that walking and sleeping more is better for their health.Indeed, 1/3 of the time of a person’s life is spent in sleep, to ensure adequate sleep with the hand, conducive to the normal operation of the organs, but also conducive to enhance the immune function of the human body, received a certain health effect, to help prolong life.And adhere to walk more, can help enhance their own metabolic ability, discharge the body’s toxin waste, can also help enhance their resistance, prevent the invasion of bacteria, reduce the risk of disease, play a health effect.The key to longevity, however, is not to walk more and sleep more, but to do a few things consistently that, if you can, may add to your overall health.1, light diet, balanced nutrition Now the living standard is gradually improving, people eat more and more rich, compared to the past is not enough to have a good pursuit, people are also to satisfy their appetite, there are a variety of food choices.But in peacetime but ignored food safety risks, so as to cause a serious impact on the body, is the so-called disease in the mouth.In life, many people often eat some fried or developed spicy food, which will cause certain harm to the body, increase the risk of disease, but also lead to cancer problems, thus affecting the life of individuals.So in the usual diet must adhere to do well, especially the following points: 1, first of all, we should pay attention to light diet, like some strong stimulating food or heavy taste food, it is best to touch less, often eat some fresh fruits and vegetables.2, the usual diet must pay attention to the control of seven full diet, to avoid over-support, increase the burden of the stomach, affect personal health.3, three meals a day to eat reasonably, do not starve a full meal, resulting in damage to health.4, usually diet should also pay attention to eating slowly, do not overeat, so as to avoid damage to the organs, more conducive to longevity.Studies have found that for some people who are often angry, it is easy to cause certain stimulation of the central nervous system of the brain, which will increase the risk of disease and affect the life of individuals.Therefore, if you want to develop longevity, first of all, you should pay attention to the adjustment of personal emotions, maintain an optimistic attitude, smile more conducive to the recent face of life, more conducive to the maintenance of health, longevity will favor you more.Elderly, if you want to live longer, “the third officer” pay attention to maintenance of 1, liver, the liver stores blood, blood to raise the soul, the elderly, to maintain the body, must pay attention to the maintenance of the liver, liver as human “officer” of the general, but because there are no pain receptors, so it is difficult to find some early lesions by human body, thus ignore the influence personal health.Therefore, in peacetime, pay attention to the maintenance of the liver, adhere to appropriate exercise, help to maintain the normal metabolism of toxins, ensure the normal operation of the body, more conducive to the maintenance of health.Lung as an important breathing organ of the human body, lung is also an important place for the human body to exchange gas. Therefore, to ensure the health of the lungs is conducive to the normal operation of qi and blood of the human body, and more conducive to the care of the health of the body.Now although the living standard has improved, but like some automobile exhaust, industrial exhaust gas will cause damage to the lungs, coupled with smoking and other behaviors, so in life must pay attention to the maintenance of the lungs, pay attention to timely water, can clear the lung detoxification, is conducive to maintenance of the body, longevity will also be more favor you.3, kidney “Yellow Emperor neijing” records: kidney is the origin of congenital, kidney as an important detoxification metabolic organ, to help promote the elimination of economic toxins, maintain the normal functioning of the human body, to ensure health.So in life, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the kidney, and after getting old, if we want to live a long life, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the kidney, so as to help maintain the balance of Yin and Yang in the human body, ensure good health, longevity will be more favorable to you.Therefore, if you want to develop longevity, you must pay attention to the maintenance of the body’s organs, adjust reasonable diet and work and rest, which is conducive to a healthier body.