Meet the Winter Olympics | snow and ice sports fly into fengtai ordinary people’s homes

2022-06-14 0 By

With the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics tonight at the Bird’s Nest stadium, 300 million people are taking part in ice and snow sports, a once-unpopular sport that has become a reality.Nangong International Ice Sports Center located in Fengtai District on February 4, the reporter saw, 1,800 square meters of international standard ice hockey rink, 900 square meters of figure skating rotation and jump practice range and 3,100 square meters of supporting public areas, constitute a total area of about 5,800 square meters of ice sports center, here has become the people of Fengtai ice sports paradise.”It is a comprehensive ice sports venue integrating ice hockey, figure skating and short track speed skating, with seating capacity of 200 people. It is also equipped with large dance classrooms, western restaurants, large changing rooms for the host and guest teams, land training area and air purification system for the whole stadium.””We can provide ice sports training for the masses, including ice hockey, figure skating and short track speed skating, and we have a professional team of coaches from home and abroad,” said Li Wei, head of the Nangong International Ice Sports Center.”Refueling Beijing, refueling Fengtai, together to the future!”Children who are having ice hockey training shout out their expectations.More and more families begin to cultivate the skills of teenagers in ice and snow sports, and attach importance to the training of children’s willpower through ice and snow sports.”More and more people come here to enjoy the fun of ice sports, and we can see that ice and snow sports are becoming popular and universal. I believe that this spring is the most beautiful spring when ice and snow sports open a new chapter!”Levy said.Source “Fengtai Daily” Fengtai District Rong Media center author Zhao Zhi and Lin Yao