Over the age of 50, the body appears three characteristics, need not worry, is the natural phenomenon of aging

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Uncle Zhang, who lives across the hall from me, retired a few months ago and is planning to retire in peace for a few years.In recent days, I always feel uncomfortable, my eyes are not clear, and my ears are not good.This can let uncle Zhang panic, hurried to the hospital for examination.The doctor told him, more than 50 years old crowd, the body of these three phenomena do not be afraid, belong to the normal physiological phenomenon.What natural changes occur to the body after fifty?1, vision degeneration, presbyopia people’s vision mainly depends on the lens behind the eyeball.When young, the lens is highly elastic and has excellent ductility.Light rays pass through it and focus right on our retina, allowing us to see what is in front of us.After airframe is aging, the elasticity of lens also drops, become flabby burnish, this is commonly known presbyopia.Presbyopia is a natural phenomenon of human aging, there is no need to panic.After retirement, Uncle Zhang did not correctly recognize that his digestive ability has declined.I still keep my old eating habits.As a result, he suffers from indigestion, gas and stomach pain.3, reaction speed decline, back of the ear of the human brain reflex nerve will also increase with age and degradation.Older people, the stimulation of the outside world is not strong, facing danger can not timely escape.These are all symptoms of brain degeneration.There are also a small number of people like Uncle Zhang, who cannot hear clearly.You need to speak loudly in your ear to make yourself heard.There is only one reason for this phenomenon: old age.Age is not just a sign of years gone by. Turning 50 means your body is starting to decline.The immune ability of the body and the function of various organs began to decline in different degrees.There is no need to worry about the above symptoms, it is just a natural change of the body.So what do we need to focus on?Strictly speaking, dementia is not a disease, it is the result of the decline of the nervous system.But dementia is as bad as any disease.The biggest symptom of dementia in the elderly is the loss of memory and cognition.Old people suffer from this disease, there will be “do things turn around and forget, said words do not remember”.As the disease continues to deteriorate, and even forget their loved ones, forget the way home, become infatuated.Not only is it incurable, but it can be emotionally devastating.Therefore, usually must use the brain, chess, mahjong and other forms of entertainment can prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.Prevention chronic ache the person is over middle age, the body function drops, the person’s joint and nerve can appear a few problems, bring about the old person to feel faint ache.It can be divided into neuropathic pain and neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain.If there is this kind of symptom to go to the hospital to do an examination, tell the doctor the detailed pain site, each pain time, so that the doctor suits the disease.Prevention of the occurrence of xerosis in the elderly if the eyes appear astringent, yellow skin, often thirsty and other phenomena, it may be the occurrence of xerosis.Xerosis usually leads to atrophy of the lacrimal and salivary glands.The incidence of the disease is not high, usually only about 3 to 4 percent.Xerosis can damage the body’s circulatory and respiratory systems, as well as several organs.Usually can eat hawthorn, orange, kiwi and other acidic food, can prevent.Also pay attention to go out and walk more, do not watch mobile phones, TV for a long time.If there is no relief, go to the hospital.In addition to always pay attention to physical health, we should also pay more attention to the mental health of the elderly.There is an old saying that “a smile is ten years younger”.Having a healthy attitude is also a good way to prevent the onset of chronic diseases in old age.What can we do to care for the mental health of the elderly?Often go home to see as children no matter how busy work, how much inconvenience there is in life.They should visit their parents often.The company of children can very well relieve the agitated mood in the heart of the elderly, is conducive to their release pressure.Prevention of chronic diseases in the elderly.Sign up for a few calligraphy, chess skill exchange class person one old fear loneliness, conditional family can sign up for the hobby training class of a few old people.Through these training classes, the elderly can not only promote more brain use, but also help them find like-minded friends.That’s a good way to kill two birds with one stone.Once one crosses the threshold of fifty, one’s health begins to decline.There is no need to panic at this time some physical changes, just be prepared to face their own aging on the line.These are normal physiological phenomena.At the same time, reasonable planning of entertainment life in old age is also an important measure to maintain mental health and prevent chronic diseases.1. 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