Shantou helped enterprises to rescue 13 industries, including accommodation and catering, which were greatly affected by the epidemic

2022-06-14 0 By

On April 8, Shantou Municipal government issued the “Thirteen Enterprises Assistance And Rescue Measures in Shantou” (hereinafter referred to as “The Thirteen Measures”) to further strengthen the rescue and assistance to all kinds of market players in the city.The 13 rescue measures include 5 parts, not only inclusive rescue support measures, but also industrial manufacturing, accommodation, catering, wholesale and retail, transportation and other industries hit hard by the epidemic.The “Thirteen” focuses on labor shortage, high cost, financing difficulty, cash pressure and other problems strongly reflected by market subjects, and tries its best to support market subjects according to the actual situation of Shantou.For example, in the face of the problem of cash pressure of enterprises, The “13” proposed tax reduction measures, through the implementation of the national policy, the annual taxable income of small and micro enterprises of 1 million to 3 million yuan, and half of the enterprise income tax;At the same time, in view of the actual financial difficulties of enterprises, it is proposed that all the remaining tax credits of small and micro enterprises should be refunded in a lump sum before the end of June, and the incremental tax credits should be fully refunded. It is estimated that this measure can refund 1.859 billion yuan for market subjects and provide cash flow support for enterprises.There are some “hard” policies with high gold content, such as issuing 20 million consumer vouchers to stimulate consumption and boost domestic demand.There are also policies highlighting “soft” services, such as reducing the time for export tax rebates, setting up first-loan service centers in municipal (district) and two-level government service centers in central urban areas to provide nanny-like services for newly established enterprises to solve loan and financing problems.By the end of February this year, Shantou has completed nearly 400 first-loan transactions with a total value of nearly 503 million yuan.The Article also provides precise assistance to shantou’s “three new, two special and one major” industrial enterprises, accommodation, catering, wholesale and retail, transportation and logistics industries.For example, in view of the increase in transportation costs caused by the epidemic prevention and control policies, it is proposed to provide subsidies of no more than 5,000 YUAN per 40-foot container and no more than 2,500 yuan per 20-foot container for cross-border cargo operation points of Guangdong and Hong Kong that change the mode of transportation from land transportation to sea or rail transportation.The maximum subsidy for a single Guangdong-Hong Kong cross-border goods operation point enterprise is not more than 100,000 yuan, and the total amount of special subsidy is 1 million yuan.(Yu Dan) (Nanfang Daily)