The US-led 50-nation multinational military exercise in the Middle East is a show of friendship to China, Russia and Iran

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This international commentary by Mu Shu analyzes a major event that has happened in the Middle East in the past two days: it is the largest multinational maritime military exercise being held in the Middle East, led by the US Central Command and inviting more than 50 countries and nearly 10 international organizations to participate together.There are a few big points in this exercise. I would like to summarize them and communicate with you.First, the scale of the exercise is the largest in history.This is a military exercise that has been held regularly in the past.But this time it has the largest number of countries.Prominent among them is Israel.This is the first time the country, despite its close ties with the United States, is taking part in this exercise.The reason is that there are many Muslim countries in the Middle East, and most of them have no diplomatic relations with Israel, so they are not willing to be “in the same box” with Israel.This time, however, Israel will participate not only with Muslim countries that have established diplomatic relations with Israel, such as Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan, but also with Muslim countries that do not have diplomatic relations, such as Pakistan, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh, under the unified operation of the United States.So the message is important.Second, the content of the exercise is highly scientific and technological, and is very practical and operable.The participating multinational forces will test unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned weapons, and artificial intelligence systems, and strengthen their capabilities to address and exploit similar challenges, according to the U.S. Central Command.In particular, joint efforts should be made to safeguard maritime security in the region and avoid attacks such as mine attacks against military and civilian vessels.Mu Shu noted that media reports said that this large-scale military exercise is considered to be the largest military exercise using the Navy’s unmanned weapons system.More than 80 unmanned weapons systems from at least 10 countries are involved.This shows that compared with other military exercises in the region, this one has a strong flavor of science and technology and actual combat.Third, the primary purpose of the joint military exercises is to show off military power against China, Russia and Iran, and to show off America’s circle of friends.The exercise will take place in the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman and northern Indian Ocean.This shows the scale of the exercise.In addition, the exercise will continue from February 1 to February 18.The duration of the exercise was very long, so we can see that the exercise was very rich.Just a few days before the United States and 60 countries held joint military exercises with international organizations, China, Russia and Iran conducted a military exercise in the same area, Mushu noted.The U.S. military exercises are not exactly similar to those of Russia, Russia and Iran, but they are actually intended to demonstrate against the three countries and show off their circle of friends.Because this is not just a military exercise involving partners of the United States, like Japan, countries in Europe, and Allies in the Middle East;Countries that have good relations with China, Russia and Iran, such as India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, etc.Even some African and Latin American countries are getting involved.In terms of the scale and number of participation, it is obvious that China, Russia and Iran will take part in the maritime exercises.The drills also come at a delicate time, as Houthi rebels in Yemen, Iran’s junior partner, continue to threaten the United Arab Emirates with rockets and drones.The United States has joined more than 50 countries and 10 international organizations to project military power in the region, clearly aimed at Iran.The addition of Israel adds to the colour.