104 million, zhanjiang Xiashan Smart city and 5G infrastructure construction project (phase II)

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On April 3, China government Procurement website released “Bidding Announcement of Zhanjiang Xiashan Smart City and 5G Infrastructure Construction Project (Phase II)”. According to the announcement, the procurement unit of the project is: Zhanjiang Xiashan Government Service Data Administration Bureau;Bid opening time: 09:30, April 26, 2022;The budgeted amount is 104,428,827,236 yuan.Project name: Zhanjiang Xiashan Smart City and 5G Infrastructure Construction Project (Phase II) Procurement Unit: Zhanjiang Xiashan Government Affairs Service Data Management Bureau Announcement time: April 03, 2022 02:12 Time to obtain the bidding documents:From Apr. 03, 2022 to Apr. 12, 2022 :00:00 to 12:00, PM :12:00 to 23:59 (Beijing time, except statutory holidays)Guangdong provincial government procurement network https://gdgpo.czt.gd.gov.cn/ bid opening time: April 26th 2022 09:30 bid opening location: guangdong government procurement cloud platform system online open budget amount of wisdom: 104428272.36 yuan (RMB), contact phone number of the project:Address: No. 22, Jiefang West Road, Xiashan District, Zhanjiang City Contact: 0759-2106979 Agency Name: Zhanjiang Municipal Government Procurement Center Agency Address: No. 2, Tiyu North Road, Chikan District, Zhanjiang City, Tianrun Center, 5th FloorThis project involves many departments of Xiashan District Committee and District Government, District Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, District Market Supervision And Administration Bureau, District Sanitation Department, District Emergency Department, District Science, Industry and Trade Bureau, District Development and Reform Bureau, District Ecological Environmental Protection Bureau, District Health bureau and so on.There are 10 towns and streets covering 117 square kilometers, including Jiefang Street, Patriotic Street, workers and peasants Street, Friendship Street, Xinxing Street, seaside street, Jianshe Street, Dongxin Street, Xinyuan Street and Haitou Street.Project goal to integrate existing informatization project chardonnay mountains 2019 years ago as a starting point, to develop wisdom city construction by stages, zhanjiang has launched in 2020 chardonnay mountain wisdom city and 5 g infrastructure construction project (phase I), “a net over this project according to the province construction requirement, based on the zhanjiang development plan and 2035 vision” difference “,Based on the results of the first phase of further deepening construction, continue to improve the carrying capacity and operation efficiency of urban management.Relying on the integrated digital government base of the province and based on zhanjiang government affairs network, Xiashan Government affairs data platform, Xiashan cloud platform and other infrastructure, support the construction of “one network unified management”, “one network integrated operation”, “one network cooperative cooperation” and smart city in Xiashan district.We will improve the overall management of the Internet and write a new chapter in social governance.According to the province’s unified plan of “unified management of one network”, the district-level basic platform of “unified management of one network” is deployed to realize the linkage of five levels of platforms of province, city, county (city, district), town (street) and village (residence).To build xiashan “one-network unified management” district, town (street), village (community) three-level user system, to create and improve the regional “one-network unified management” management mode, around the governance scenarios and needs of various levels, industries, and constantly innovate governance modes and means.We will improve online access to government services and develop new models for providing government services.We will put people first, improve the supply of services, build a system of equitable and inclusive services for people’s wellbeing, expand the scope and depth of government services, and improve the level of government review and approval services and commercial services.We will strengthen coordination among networks and open up new prospects for government coordination.Focus on the improvement of administrative office efficiency of Xiashan government, the digital development of party building, democracy and rule of law, and promote the improvement of internal collaborative office capacity of government organs.Deepen the guangdong series of applications, build a unified collaborative office system for the whole district, improve the inter-level, cross-regional, cross-department, cross-system and cross-business collaborative capacity within the government, reduce the total cost of government operation, promote the process of government information management, and improve the office efficiency and management level.Purchase Demand Contract Package 1(basic network and cloud service leasing service) : Contract package Budget Amount: 27,639,700.8 Million Yuan Consortium bidding is not accepted in this contract package Performance period: 150 natural days to complete the preliminary inspection, 90 natural days trial operation Contract Package 2(basic platform and application construction) : Contract package Budget Amount:Contract performance period: 150 natural days to complete the preliminary inspection, 90 natural days to run contract Package 3(security system service) : Contract package Budget amount: 3,684,500.2 Million Yuan Contract package: No consortium bid performance period:150 natural days to complete the initial test, 90 natural days of trial operation