Baiyun Airport adds more convenient measures, guangzhou’s largest public fast charging station is coming!

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On January 28, guangzhou Baiyun International Airport’s first “PHOTOVOLTAIC + carport” power generation project was put into operation at P6 parking lot.It can charge 158 vehicles at the same time. It is the largest public fast charging station in Guangzhou.P6 charging station, as the first “PHOTOVOLTAIC + carport” power generation demonstration base of Baiyun Airport, is equipped with photovoltaic panels above the sunshade carport, which can not only ensure the sunshade and rainproof effect of vehicles, but also achieve the best power generation effect.According to relevant controller introduces, the charging station can service charge 158 vehicles at the same time, not only can recharge the car, interactive, Shared technology can achieve here V2G by new energy car battery pile, at the time of the low power load charge storage, at the time of the high power load, the car power battery electric can reverse to the power grid, reduce the charge cost.The whole charging station forms an intelligent charging network, which can realize real-time monitoring of voltage, current, temperature and other operating data, and create a new power system with new energy as the main body.P6 charging stations to achieve new energy car new energy electricity, filling the project adopts the spontaneous self-use, yu electric online strategy of photovoltaic solar direct current into alternating current (ac), issued by the transport to charging pile change, box by box to supply stable electricity charging pile, support of the maximum power of 180 kw quick charge pattern, give priority to with zero carbon emissions of photovoltaic system for vehicle batteries.The total installed capacity of pv shed is 289kW, and 636 photovoltaic modules of 450 Wp, the current mainstream of the industry, are laid. The generating capacity of PV shed is directly used as supplementary power for charging piles. It is expected to serve 350,000 cycles of charging each year, and the charging capacity is estimated to be 8.4 million kWh, of which the theoretical generating capacity of PV power generation is 340,000 kWh/ year.It is equivalent to saving about 118.56 tons of standard coal every year, and is expected to reduce annual emissions of carbon dioxide about 308.33 tons, sulfur dioxide about 2.85 tons, nitrogen oxide about 0.83 tons. In addition, it can also reduce dust and soot, coal slag about 30.83 tons.P6 charging charging equipment of new “equipment + data” two layers of security protection technology, comprehensive cover car side side and charging side, for 12 battery real-time diagnosis and safe hidden trouble detection, comprehensive review cell height, temperature, temperature, pressure difference, internal resistance, capacity, consistency, and leakage current, accurate warning battery failure, depth detection vehicles “health status”.The scene is also equipped with a camera with pyrotechnic detection function, and the whole charging process can monitor, warn, control and trace hidden dangers of the car.Owners can scan the QR code on the charging terminal to realize one-button charging and one-button payment, which is convenient and fast.When the car owner leaves the vehicle to check in, pick up relatives and friends, he can still know the current power, mileage, time and charging situation of the car in real time.In order to facilitate the operation of passengers, Baiyun Airport has added supporting signs, charging process guidelines, lounges and toilets and other infrastructure facilities on site.Owners can search the destination baiyun Airport through the special phone app and quickly locate to the charging station in the P6 parking lot.The use of real-time charging pile terminals can be understood through the special phone APP, which supports intelligent charging, scheduling charging, timing charging, APP charging, vehicle charging identification and other charging methods.Mr. Li, an online taxi driver, told guangzhou Daily new Huacheng that charging stations have been set up in the PARKING lot of BAIyun Airport P6, which is very convenient for electric car users. When he sends his guests to the airport, they can park here to charge and see if they can take orders again. One charge here can be used for free parking for one hour.It would be better to set up a rest room near the P6 parking lot charging station so that drivers can have a rest here.Baiyun Airport said it will consider adding restrooms, restrooms and convenience stores near charging stations next.Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng Reporter: Li Yan Correspondent: Airport publicity/Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng reporter: Li Yan Correspondent: Yao Guangning Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng editor: Li Fenghe