Is Zhang Yiming really good?Zuckerberg panics, can’t do anything about Tiktot?

2022-06-15 0 By

Chun really admire bytedance’s founder zhang Yiming!Just think about it, Chinese Internet companies are more good at business model innovation, while American Internet companies are good at technology innovation.Even so, Bytedance, led by Zhang yiming, is not only prominent in the Domestic Internet industry, but also has a strong influence abroad.Bytedance has achieved this feat because it is the world leader in short videos.In China, ByteDance is eating into Tencent’s advertising revenue and users’ time spent on its products. Tencent has repeatedly blocked Bytedance, but it has failed to take On Douyin in short videos.Overseas, Tiktok is killing Facebook and Netflix (NFLX).Short videos were probably the strongest form of the Internet until the meta-universe ecosystem was built.A few days ago, Meta released financial results.Meta’s Q4 profit, daily activity and monthly activity all miss Q1 guidance revenue of $27 billion to $29 billion, up less than 10%.1.93 billion daily live users, no increase from the previous month.Meta founder Zuckerberg said, “TikTok is such a formidable competitor that it can continue to grow at a fairly rapid rate based on its huge user base.Although we are growing very fast, so are our competitors.”Undeniably, Meta has lost out to TikTok, with users spending most of their day scrolling through short videos and getting bored with text and image social media.Not only is Meta’s AD revenue being challenged by TikTok, but apple, Google, and Amazon are also eating into Meta’s AD revenue.As a result, Meta’s stock price plunged 20% after the company’s earnings report fell short of expectations.Capital markets are already voting with their feet!On the surface, Meta’s meta-universe story is not accepted by the capital market. However, from the internal reason, the capital market may see Meta’s social stock base and advertising revenue base business is suffering from a two-line crisis, which may mean that Meta’s good days of making money in the advertising market are coming to an end.Chun childe said before, Meta and Tencent are very similar.Both companies are based on social networking. The difference is that Tencent currently generates most of its revenue, while Meta still relies heavily on advertising revenue.Zuckerberg had been complaining to the US government about why Chinese companies could go overseas while American companies could not enter the Chinese market.Zuckerberg has been trying to get TikTot banned in the United States after failing to make several trips to China to speak in Chinese in an effort to get Facebook into the country.The mobile Internet bonus period is over, users have so much time, these days global Internet companies can hardly innovate.So Zuckerberg is betting on the metasverse!Regardless of whether Meta universe can be made in the future, a large company like Meta needs to tell its story to the capital market first.Another point of view, Meta this financial results so poor, in fact, Zuckerberg already know.Otherwise, we wouldn’t have trumpeted the “meta-universe”!Because right now Meta, like Tencent, can’t compete with ByteDance in the short video space.The Internet world has always been like this, the winner is defeated, the tide rises and falls, no company can claim to have an absolute moat.Wasn’t That ali before that?What do you think?