Liu Ruoying shot “honest” MV crazy run “spend a whole year of exercise” sing fans worried: hear the most sincere voice

2022-06-15 0 By

Liu Ruoying (milk tea) in 2022 Spring Festival eve, yesterday (26 days) launched the song < honest > MV, the song by the golden song award for the best lyricist Gewei wrote words, won the best album producer award Chen Jianqi music score, MV is the new sharp director Yao Guozhen knife, common cut milk tea the most delicate emotions, she said:”‘ Honesty ‘is a powerful backseat song for me. I don’t know what words to describe it. It’s all in the lyrics and music.”Last year 15 albums “respectively are” Rene liu, through 11 song a different interpretation of the emotional weight, whether it is mature and bold, bold lonely, want to admit it, or is it face down, let go, let people experience every song “ok” all sorts of appearance, in the New Year release honest < > MV, is that I wish to be honest with all kinds of state,Embracing a more “safe” look in 2022 is the best New Year gift for fans.Although it took a lot of effort to shoot the MV, she ran and jumped, laughing, “I spent a whole year’s exercise on this MV.”However, she still chose the most natural light and the purest background to present her most honest feelings with the concept of primary color. During this period, she remembered that the public life is not easy now, and everyone has to face this situation honestly. She felt deeply and shed tears, and turned the joys and sorrows in her life into words, notes and images.Fans are also impressed by the song, saying, “I never want to listen to your singing skills, but to listen to the most honest and sincere voice.””The simplest shot produced the most honest milk tea.”Another netizen praised the 51-year-old for her good maintenance, saying, “Did Liu Ruoying take preservatives? The years forgot to leave traces on her face, it’s so beautiful.””He looks 25.”