Why are breakups increasing now

2022-06-15 0 By

If I had to use one word to characterize our age, it would be fast;We are literally living in the age of fast food: fast food, fast cars, flash marriages all illustrate this characteristic.When everything is very fast, the rhythm of life of each of us also becomes fast, we are like people on the treadmill, as long as there is a slight carelessness will be derailed from the rhythm of The Times, The Times created us, we also created the era.Compared with the past long love, today’s people prefer a one-night passion;Compared with the previous efforts unknown to the public, modern people prefer the pursuit of passion like fire.The process of love is supposed to be acquaintance, acquaintance and love, but it is precisely because this era is so fast that many people do not stay in this step for a long time, and it is easy to fall in love with a person who is not familiar with more conflicts in the later life.In addition to the reasons of The Times, the purpose of love has changed, which is also one of the reasons for our high break up rate. In the past, the social circle was so large that everyone fell in love for marriage, so it was not easy to break up.But now many young people fall in love only because of the emptiness of the emotional field, so it is easy to break up after the passion fades.