China and Russia’s objection is invalid!Unsc passes US resolution on Ukraine, India’s vote is unexpected

2022-06-16 0 By

According to Jiemian News, the United States recently proposed a new bill at the UN General Assembly, which would have to be passed by the Security Council if a Russian invasion of Ukraine were to take place.In the final voting link, the opposition of China and Russia was invalid after all, and the Security Council passed the US resolution on Ukraine.What was unexpected, however, was India’s decision to abstain, a sign that the country had wavered between The United States and Russia.American wading through the UN security council resolutions in recent period of time, the two countries to Ukraine, what will be the subject of war and got a lot of discussion in the world, in fact, the two parties for this possibility, the outbreak of war is to hold a negative attitude, and the cause of this widespread discussion, actually in the United States,It is the country’s media that keeps stressing the possibility of war.Recently, the United States proposed a resolution on Ukraine at the UN General Assembly, which was adopted by the Security Council.The resolution was largely hypothetical: what would happen if Ukraine were indeed invaded by Russia?If that happens, then the Security Council needs to adopt and implement the resolution.The Indian vote was surprisingly opposed by China and Russia, but the security Council passed the resolution after ten countries voted in favour.But in an unexpected twist, India abstained from voting.As is known to all, in recent years, The country has always been close to the United States, and has always followed the footsteps of the United States in many international affairs. Now on the Russia-Ukraine issue, it has chosen to openly violate the meaning of the United States, which is unusual.It also seems to suggest that There has been more thinking in India about the shape of the US-Russia relationship, and that the country has actually been reluctant to completely offend Russia.Despite the greater benefits of working with the US, Russia is still a strategic partner of India, and there are a number of ties between the two countries that cannot be severed for a short time.So in the case of Russia and Ukraine, it was a wise decision to give up the option.First, Russia has repeatedly stated that it has no intention of invading Ukraine, but that the United States is pressuring more members of the Security Council, and there is nothing Russia can do to change the situation.Secondly, China has already made it clear that it still hopes to resolve the Russia-Ukraine issue through peaceful means and should return to the most authoritative New Minsk Agreement.What China and Russia oppose most is clearly the eastward expansion of NATO, which has posed a great threat to the local security of Russia.Just recently, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France had an eight-hour meeting. The focus of the talks was to de-escalate the situation, although they still had their differences, they agreed on a ceasefire.This time, the four countries apparently did not want to bring the United States along at all, apparently concluding that the country would never want a de-escalation of the situation, but only to stoke it further.Under such circumstances, it is best to avoid the presence of the United States.All these situations have shown that the United States is overdrawing its national credit in the international arena. The Hegemony of the United States has long been out of the market. As long as any country has eyes, it can see the purpose of the country.However, the outbreak of conflict between Russia and Ukraine is definitely a disaster for European countries. As the two most influential countries in the EU, It is time for Germany and France to step up and solve the problem.