Father and daughter to do winter vacation homework together, the carton made into bronze amazing effect: manual work ceiling

2022-06-16 0 By

A woman shows off her 10-year-old daughter and her father’s handmade bronzes in Jiangsu Province.Unexpectedly, it went viral on the Internet, causing a hot discussion among netizens!The woman said it was a child’s winter project to make a bronze vessel out of a cardboard box.It was the result of long hours of hard work between father and daughter.When she finished, she posted the scene online, only to have it go viral!Some netizens said: I thought it was ok to get a paper box, but he also paste mud, I said paste mud is good, as a result he sculpted, I said the sculpting opinion is very good, he also dyed, I said the dyeing has been invincible, as a result he still do old gold-plating [tears][tears][tears]Great. [kudos to][kudos to] the artist who was forced out.[Thumbs-up][Thumbs-up][Thumbs-up][Thumbs-up][Thumbs-up][Thumbs-up][thumbs-up][thumbs-up][thumbs-up][thumbs-up][thumbs-up][thumbs-up][thumbs-up]