Meet the most beautiful “you” in the most beautiful spring

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Before I felt the smell of spring outside my window, I was deeply touched by a picture about spring in my moments.The picture is like this, in the blue sky, roll open a layer of soft soft white clouds, white clouds below is an endless expanse of rape flowers, from the golden sea of flowers to extend a railway, a small train with curling smoke coming from the depths of the sea of flowers, this is a small train to spring……Seeing such a picture, do you want to take the small train, holding the sweet bubble water, about three or five friends, to feel the breath of spring, enjoy the color of spring, listen to the music of nature?I think the answer is yes.However, the comments below the picture got me thinking.”This is a small train we always miss”, “we only have a ‘good start’, there is no spring”, “how much I want to go out to see rape ah, but the data does not allow…”These comments speak of the “hardships” of our rural people this spring.From a subjective point of view, this year’s “good start”, from planning to the start of work, our preparations are more full and orderly than before.From the launch of a series of products to product and interest rate adjustment, we have taken more detailed and precise measures for the market and customers.From weekly champion evaluation to monthly reward and punishment notification, our assessment is more powerful than in previous years.However, a loan with an annual interest rate of 3.7 swept the whole rural market like a storm, which is like spring thunder. It reminds us that the service sinking, interest rate liberalization and fierce competition of state-owned big banks are no longer a slogan, but a real and extremely severe competition situation.In addition, the epidemic prevention and control situation has become normal in the century, and the depressed market demand makes it more difficult to “expand the market and attract customers”.In addition, under the environment of high-quality development, Sichuan Rural Credit Has continuously strengthened the construction of internal control mechanism. With the introduction of “Ten bans”, we have to give up some customers who are due or about to expire, which is exactly the task we need to fill.That’s probably why this spring has had such a rough start…However, “the more difficult the more forward”, this seems to be rooted in the DNA of every nongxin people in Beichuan.We have risen from the rubble of the May 12 Wenchuan earthquake to leap-forward development, and consolidated the achievements made by high-risk enterprises to upgrade and transform banks. No one has given up easily, and no one is afraid to shrink back, no matter what difficulties they face.Having experienced the vicissitudes of life that “big exams must be met, big difficulties must be passed, and big and difficult things must be accomplished”, in this spring, we seem to be more confident, confident and determined to win the “good start” campaign.In order to achieve this goal, all of us are working hard to move forward.From the communist Party leadership of the Association to the middle and backstage departments of the organization, I saw that everyone seemed to forget whether they were working days or days off, working hours or off hours, and held intensive meetings to discuss plans, products and strategy adjustments in order to get higher scores in the assessment.Early in the morning came to the joint agency to find the leader of the branch, went straight to the leadership office, they did not because of the marketing of the customer yesterday, expand the business on today, still non-stop cultivation of the market.When I passed the sales department at 9pm, I heard account managers still making phone calls to clients, asking one by one if they had any loan needs. They were still working overtime in the bright night.Of course, I am not an outsider, but an empathetic participant, from the “good start” to the first, second…At the fifth promotion Meeting, I had a deeper understanding of the efforts, struggles and gains of all the participants from the speech materials, statement statements, report materials and series of briefings.At this moment, I feel that everyone in the association, from top to bottom, has sketched out a most beautiful “spring” with their efforts to run and the courage to pursue their dreams.We also hope that the stars will live up to the people on our way. With our joint efforts, we can usher in spring blossoms on the last day of March!Author: Yuan Ting Unit: Sichuan Beichuan Rural Credit Union Review: Chen Zhisheng