These people are prone to complications of COVID-19.Australian experts warn: lose weight quickly

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// Introduction // Recently, the daily increase in Australia has shown a downward trend, but the number of deaths has risen.What causes complications and even death?Nick Coatsworth, Australia’s former deputy chief medical officer, recently answered the question.He said overweight people are more likely to get worse and even have to be hospitalized…Overweight Australians need to start losing weight now to reduce their chances of ending up in hospital with novel coronavirus infections, Nick Coatsworth, Australia’s former deputy chief Medical officer, has warned.Dr Nick Coatsworth recently answered questions from residents as the virus raged across the country.”Australians with a BODY mass index (BMI) of more than 30 are the ones most likely to develop severe cases from the novel Coronavirus,” he said.He warned that unless these overweight people were willing to go ona diet to slim down, they could suffer serious consequences if they contracted the Novel Coronavirus.”If you’re overweight, the most important thing you can do right now is change your eating habits and lose a few kilograms,” he said in an interview.He urged residents to calculate their BMI, an internationally used measure of weight and fitness.Dr Nick Coatsworth says there is an increased risk of serious complications of the Novel Coronavirus in people with a BMI of more than 30.”Australians who are slim and fit do not need to change their lifestyle to improve their immunity to the Novel Coronavirus.””If you’re young, healthy and not overweight, keep doing what you’re doing.””There is no need to change anything and no amount of vitamin C or healthy eating will help.”He stressed that those who are overweight must act quickly “because they will benefit from these healthy lifestyle changes.””Of course, the most important protection is still vaccination.”Dr Nick Coatsworth points out that if people are infected before their third dose, then booster vaccination should be delayed.The body’s immune system will get a natural boost from recovering from an infection, meaning that booster shots can be safely delayed in these cases.New South Wales and Victoria have reportedly fallen behind schedule in boosting vaccination rates.Experts suspect this is because of the high number of COVID-19 cases, delays in vaccine rollout and many people’s uncertainty about when they should get a third vaccination if they become infected.”With a Novel coronavirus infection, you get immunity for a period of time,” said Dr Coatsworth.So you certainly don’t need to rush to get a booster shot after a Novel coronavirus infection.”Dr Coatsworth also commented on the current situation in Australia, saying there are many asymptomatic cases in the community.”There is no reason why many people seem to get COVID-19 while others emerge unscathed, but it could simply be that there are no symptoms.You have to remember that some people have actually contracted novel coronavirus, but they don’t have any symptoms.You may not look like you have a virus, but you do;You just don’t realize it.Another possibility is that, for whatever reason, it doesn’t spread in families, although that tends to be a bit unusual.The final possibility is that maybe some people have something to protect them from.Dr Coatsworth admitted that the medical community was still divided on the chances of reinfection.”We know that the Novel coronavirus has emerged before it has been confirmed and that most respiratory viruses have the potential for re-infection.The good news for Australia is that both the Omicron wave and the booster shot will boost our immunity.I think this mixed immunity will protect us from potentially harsh winters.So I think overall we are in a good position.”Finally, it is very important for everyone to improve immunity and keep healthy.If you’re overweight, it’s time to lose weight.After all, health is the capital of our life!