Will you check credit information when you go to the counter to activate your credit card

2022-06-16 0 By

There is no credit investigation at this time.1. First go to the counter to activate the credit card is not to check the credit card, because the bank has checked the credit card before approving the card.Net application first card to the counter activation purpose is to confirm the identity of the applicant, and on the spot for the required application information verification, including id card, income proof, etc., but also to the applicant personally signed, in fact, is to let the cardholder to face to face and the implementation of the principle of three in person a process.2. When users go to the counter to activate their credit cards, the staff mainly asks relevant questions. As long as they calmly answer relevant questions, they can usually sign in person.Face-to-face signing is mainly to verify the identity of the user, the card applicant is the user himself, the application information is consistent with the actual situation, then basically can be signed face-to-face.As for the face to face sign does not pass, you can try to change the network for face to face sign.3. The credit card is issued to the cardholder by the bank or the credit card company according to the user’s credit rating and financial resources. The cardholder does not need to pay cash when using the credit card, and will pay back the money when the bill is due.Credit cards are also called debit cards.Is a simple credit service, is a non-cash transaction payment method.