A new generation of post-00s takes center stage for Winter Olympics | Beijing News Editorial

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China ice and snow after 2000, is a new force of ice and snow to create history, but also an unstoppable successor of the future.With the Approaching of the Beijing Winter Olympics, people in China have begun to feel the increasingly strong atmosphere of the Winter Olympics: whether it is from the streets and streets to increase the winter Olympics elements, or the winter athletes are gearing up for the games, we are looking forward to the arrival of the Winter Olympics.To this end, the Commentary department of The Beijing News has launched a series of comments on the Beijing Winter Olympics.▲ On January 12, 2022, the Chinese women’s curling team officially debuted at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Han Yu, who was born in the 00s, became the youngest captain of the team.File photo of Hanyu competition.In a few days, the Beijing Winter Olympics will open.In this grand event on the doorstep of the ice and snow, China will for the first time realize the traditional events, snow-based events, a number of events from scratch.Among the athletes, there are many young people after 00, who are in their teens and early twenties, adding a vigorous youthful atmosphere to these historic breakthroughs of milestones.It is the power of youth which flaunts the most in the veins, and touches the pulse of the heart.These athletes, who are still “big kids” in daily life, will complete the mission of “filling the gap” of the Winter Olympics on the world ice and snow stage, and write a brand new history for the development of China’s sports.These for the Winter Olympics brave pick big beam after 00 ice and snow junior, will therefore become a continuation of history, create history, but also as a new generation of young people, towards the center of the social stage.These days, many people have remembered these names: 18-year-old “genius girl” Gu Ailing, 17-year-old “little snowboard player” Su Yiming, 21-year-old Chinese women’s jug captain Han Yu, 20-year-old “The first Man in Nordic combined” Zhao Jiwen…All of these post-00s will participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics and are expected to do well.Their growth story is an individual inspirational story, but also a footnote to the era of rapid popularization, healthy development and passion of ice and snow sports in China.Gu “every time looks effortless, behind is again and again to try our best”;Su yiming “regardless of success or failure, always toward the first place on the podium attack”;Zhao Jiwen “not only practiced hard, but also practiced more than others”…Gu Ailing of China (c), gold medalist of women’s halfpipe at Mammoth Mountain of the United States, poses at the medal ceremony on January 8, 2022.It was the first time in her career that she won the IAF Crystal Ball award.Photo/Xinhua Because of love, so there is light ahead;Because of hard work, so nothing to stop.A group of young people like Gu Ailing not only love ice and snow sports from the bottom of their hearts, but also “fight with themselves” on the ice rink and snow rink, becoming “fierce people” who struggle.Ice and snow in the eyes of ordinary people, often rely on unlocking a difficult action to achieve.No one can casually succeed, the “vigorous” struggle of the ice athletes, is the premise of success, but also the embodiment of the spirit of The Times.Different from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, China’s ice and snow sports have been plagued by problems such as late start, limited participation, weak industrial foundation and “strong ice and weak snow”.Especially compared with the ice and snow sports power, this gap is more obvious.You know, it was not until 2002 that China won its first gold medal in winter Olympics.This year, less than one percent of the total population of Korea participated in skiing, compared with 10 percent in Japan and France.But delectable is, our country ice and snow sports follow-up momentum is also very big.Especially with the preparation of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the popularity of ice and snow sports is very fast.”The Beijing 2022 Olympics and winter paralympic sports heritage report (2022), according to the winter games for six years, the masses of ice and snow sports participation by a sharp increase in ice and snow sports competitive level leap ascension, all kinds of ice and snow sports vigorously, ice and snow sports facilities to speed up the supply, ice and snow sports talent growing.On January 15, 2022, Su Yiming competed in the men’s slopestyle final.The 2021-2022 IAF Snowboard halfpipe and slopestyle World Cup ended in Lacs, Switzerland.According to xinhua, 346 million Chinese residents have participated in snow and ice sports since the bid was won in October 2021.The whole society’s enthusiasm for ice and snow sports has also made the Chinese ice and snow sports on the field increasingly heated up.By 2020, more than 10,000 athletes had registered to participate in national ice and snow sports competitions, up from 5,111 in 2015.In addition, about one-third of the 109 events in the Beijing Winter Olympics have not been carried out before. This time, Chinese athletes “fully participated”, which is undoubtedly a historic leap from nothing.Behind this, is our country’s young generation of ice and snow sports talent collective leap.It can be expected that with the hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the real passion of ice and snow will be released after the games.The “post-Winter Olympics” period is the golden age of ice and snow sports in China.Among them, the first to bear the brunt, also must be the young generation represented by the 00 generation.Youth is strong, China is strong, sports is strong, snow and ice sports must be fully carried out.Good wind by force, send me on the clouds.We believe that China’s ice and snow generation after 2000 is a new force of ice and snow to create history and an unstoppable successor to the future.And from the broader social level, the winter Olympics, the ice and snow athletes, just a new generation of outstanding representatives of young people.Tigress Valley, vientiane update;New era, new journey.In the future, this young group, the post-00s generation, will surely step forward to shoulder a greater mission and walk to the center of the Chinese social stage.Edit | He Rui proofing | FuChun Yin