Can baoding Royal Longshan Cemetery now choose tombs?

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Can baoding Royal Longshan Cemetery now choose tombs?Affected by the epidemic, many people asked if they could visit the cemetery.A: At present, you can go to the royal Longshan Cemetery to choose a cemetery.The royal Longshan Cemetery is located in Laishui, Hebei, near 234 National Highway xiying Fang Village. The cemetery is near Fangshan District in Beijing, so many Beijing residents choose to buy a cemetery in laishui.As a royal garden, the Royal Longshan Cemetery has the characteristics of the royal garden, both in terms of architectural style and the design of the garden are very good.The royal Longshan Cemetery covers an area of more than 300 mu and is a legitimate cemetery.Qing Dynasty Yongzheng Emperor 13 younger brother mausoleum is also here, the royal Longshan mausoleum lying tablet price is 9000 yuan, there are more than 20,000 tablets.