Gu Ailing’s “Boduo Rabbit”

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Gu Ailing’s “Boduo Rabbit” is a special phenomenon, which is not easy to copy. You can enjoy it with a relaxed attitude.The saying of “boduorabbit”, the Olympic champion, originated from the advice of The great weiqi player Wu Qingyuan to Nie Weiping.At that time, Nie Weiping was at the peak of his chess skills, but he often played bridge in his spare time, and was addicted to cards.Wu Lao worried that he would affect chess in the long run, remind him “fight two rabbits, not a rabbit.”Later circumstances also proved that Wu Lao’s worries were not redundant, Nie Weiping’s excessive hobbies did affect chess.In fact, In addition to bridge, Nie Weiping also dabbles in Chinese chess and international chess, and even enjoys playing cards. He is a typical “fight many rabbits”.The Beijing Winter Olympics made Gu a national idol.The public’s pursuit of Gu Ailing is not only because of her impressive sports achievements, but also because of her “braduorabbit” which is beyond people’s imagination.An 18-year-old mixed-race girl, young and beautiful, sunshine and aspirant, excellent student in elite schools, model fitness, film and television endorsement, Olympic champion…This rabbit fight, almost into a “rabbit nest”.What is more incredible is that people “fight many rabbits”, but also one did not run, all got!Some people have come to the conclusion that “fight more rabbits” is not so undesirable.You see, gu Ailing succeeded in her fight. In the future, let’s train our children in this direction!Here, I still want to say: “Gu Ailing phenomenon” is only an individual case, not replicable.We still let children in a certain time, put energy into “a rabbit” as well.As for “bo more rabbit”, or to do what one can, as a hobby to play can also be, do not go astray.There is only one Gu Ailing.We just strive for the best version of ourselves.What do you say?Fitness model