The Spring Festival I on-the-job | to reunion, HuSui trying in the spring of happiness

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The Spring Festival, for everyone this is a reunion of the festival, but behind the reunion, but there are thousands of people quietly pay.Let’s follow the camera and feel the workers sticking to their posts.As a member of the double police family, Hong Yan and her husband Yang Zhongmeng (police officer of Pu ‘er Public Security Bureau), who are on duty in the Traffic police Brigade of Simao Sub-bureau of Pu ‘er Public Security Bureau, could not go back to their hometown for the Spring Festival, so the four of them had a special “reunion” year on their mobile phones.”My husband and I were on duty this Spring Festival, so we couldn’t spend the Spring Festival with our children. We thought we could make a video call to ‘reunion’. I even changed my police uniform.”Hong Yan smiled and said, “In fact, we have been used to it for so many years. Although the children are young, they all understand our work.”In order to further do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the traffic police Brigade of Simao Sub-Bureau of Pu ‘er City Public Security Bureau has deployed civilian (auxiliary) police to set up temporary epidemic prevention and control checkpoints in South Pu ‘er, North Pu ‘er and Nandao River toll stations in recent days, strictly enforcing the 24-hour duty system and cooperating closely with relevant departments to fully devote themselves to epidemic prevention and control.Not only that, the city squadrons are also responsible for the safety management of their respective areas.Hongyan received the task with the squadron 13 colleagues wholeheartedly into the job.”From last year to this year, the epidemic situation has been repeated in neighboring cities. I was on duty during the Mid-Autumn Festival, The New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival. I spent the New Year’s day and the Spring Festival at the epidemic prevention and control point.”During dinner time on New Year’s Eve, when traffic in the city was reduced, Hong Called her children to remind them to watch less TV and do more to help their grandparents.After hanging up the phone, Hong Yan stared at the picture of her child on the screen saver and was fascinated.We are children and parents, but it is our duty to be guardians of safety.On the first day of the New Year, Li Jianjun, the instructor of Liushun Squadron, Traffic Police Brigade of Simao Sub-Bureau of Pu ‘er City Public Security Bureau, stuck to his position on the front line of rural traffic management as always. He arrived at his post at 7 am on time and began to arrange the work of the squadron for the day.On the first day of the New Year, few people generally go out, the area of the road is smooth and no accidents, but the Liu Shun squadron will still carry out patrol control.Although the mining road in rural areas should be fully accessible, there are still a lot of blanks in the construction of life safety protection engineering facilities, and some sections of county and township roads and rural roads still have hidden dangers.In addition, since the second year of junior high school, there are many folk customs activities and market activities in rural areas, and traffic violations such as overcrowding and overloading of vans, agricultural vehicles, low-speed trucks, tractors, electric tricycles and motorcycles are frequent, which can easily cause traffic accidents.Therefore, when on duty patrol, Li Jianjun specially arranged the police of the squadron to place the warning cone barrel and pull it up with the warning belt in the area where they found hidden security risks, in order to remind the masses to pay more attention and drive carefully when passing by.”Although it is the Lunar New Year holiday, traffic safety should not be neglected. I hope everyone can obey the traffic laws and regulations.”There are many roads and many types of vehicles in rural areas. Daily investigation and patrol to find and timely eliminate potential safety hazards is also one of his priorities during the Spring Festival.On the first day of the New Year, Li jianjun has a two-year-old child, and his wife takes on all the housework in order to support his work and take better care of the family.Because of busy work, there were several times when my son fell ill on duty, can not go home to take care of.Although it is hard, Li Jianjun and his wife support this happy family together.Li jianjun did not return to his hometown of Lancang during the Spring Festival due to busy work such as congestion protection and epidemic prevention and control. He and his wife could only send New Year’s greetings to their parents via video calls.His parents often said, as the people’s police, must not live up to the expectations of the masses, good work is the greatest filial piety to parents, which is also the biggest motivation for Li Jianjun’s work.Li Dezheng, auxiliary police officer of No. 3 Squadron, sells Spring Festival goods on Bian-cheng Road and Zhenxing Avenue in Pu ‘er City. It is always crowded on the eve of the Spring Festival.And three squadron auxiliary police Li Dezheng is also this “fluorescent yellow” one.Police Day. “I’ve been working the Spring Festival shift for four consecutive years.”Li dezheng’s main work is to ease the morning and evening rush hour, deal with accidents, road patrol.At about 9 am on New Year’s Eve, the traffic near Bian Cheng West Road increased. Li dezheng and his squadron colleagues stood upright in the traffic jam, whistling and gestating together. They stood for about an hour, during which they dealt with a minor scratch accident.”My family is used to it. I wake up and go to work and the kids are still asleep.”Li Dezheng said that the choice of this uniform, there is no hard not hard said, the road smooth, the masses can safely New Year, this is his duty when the biggest wish.February 5th will be another birthday for him in the post, and we wish him a happy birthday.Some people say that the meaning of Spring Festival is reunion.But these people choose to stick to their posts when they are reunited, with their families concerned, guarding the happiness of a city.They also include frontline medical workers, police, firefighters, soldiers and other public security workers, as well as logistics, express delivery, water and electricity supply and construction workers.Every busy figure is the epitome of an industry, and there are thousands of families reunited behind every one of them.Love this world fireworks, family sitting idle, more love this quiet years behind, bearing laborers.The world happy kangping world, the age of the tiger happy spring.Stick to protect reunion, tea city New Year wins the old year!(Source: Cha Cheng Traffic Police)