The year of the Tiger “Building blessing” and the word “blessing” of the giant tiger will be featured in the CCTV 2022 Spring Festival Gala

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“Unforgettable Tonight, unforgettable Tonight……”When the 2022 Spring Festival Gala of the China Media Group came to an end at 12:30 on Feb 1, Famous Sichuan-born singer Huo Yong and three generations of singers, including Li Guyi, Yang Hongji and Yiliyuan, stood at the center of the stage and sang the well-known finale song “Unforgettable Tonight”.The year of the Tiger “Building Blessing” and the giant tiger “blessing” calligraphy works created by Li Guiming, the promotion ambassador of blessing culture of 2021 Chinese Film Festival golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, were featured in the final song “Unforgettable Tonight” of the 2022 CCTV Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala, which also showed the Chinese calligraphy “blessing” culture to hundreds of millions of viewers around the world.It is reported that the CCTV 2022 Spring Festival Gala is a perfect presentation of ideology, artistry and appreciation.The application of 720 degree circular screen, XR, AR and other virtual technologies provided a rich and colorful cultural feast for the vast audience, which once again set a number of ratings records, with a total audience size of 1.296 billion, and the touch of the new media terminal reaching 7.133 billion times.”Unforgettable Tonight” song melody, lyrics are emotional tension, moving melody, catchy lyrics, and behind is the Chinese people in the family, the country’s firm feelings.It is for these reasons that “Unforgettable Tonight” has been retained as the grand finale of the Spring Festival Gala since 1984.Introduction: Mr. Li Guiming, born in Fuzhou, Fujian province, is a famous patriotic overseas Chinese leader, famous calligrapher and national ceremony artist.Currently, he is the director of the Chinese Fu Character Exhibition Committee, the consultant of The Chinese Fu Museum, the honorary chairman of the United Federation of Fujian, the chairman of the International Buddhist Culture Association of New York, the consultant of the Chinese Masters’ Association of Calligraphy and Painting Art Academy, the honorary chairman of the American International Federation of Arts, the consultant of the American Chinese Calligrapher’s Association, and the vice president of the World Fuzhou Ten Yi fellow Township Association.The word “fu” in the list is registered in the National Copyright Administration.”Fu” works have been successively collected by China Happiness Museum, China Charity Federation, the organizing Committee of 2019 Global Lee Family Conference, and 2020 Museum of Chinese Overseas Chinese History.”Fu” has appeared on the nasdaq screen in New York’s Times Square and the Reuters screen.The main vision of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and The Lantern Festival Gala in 2021 used the character “Fu”, which is unique to Mr. Li Guiming.