Fengtai, Beijing: Confirmed cases were investigated and 23 people were closely connected to the Pengrun Home community

2022-06-18 0 By

Beijing, April 8 (Reporter Liu Yanghe, Qiu Xiaodong, Ruan Xiuxing) On April 8, at the 303rd press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Beijing, Bo LAN, deputy district head of Fengtai District, introduced that at present, 23 confirmed cases in Fengtai have been connected, and all have been put under quarantine control;Risk points of case track were retrospectively examined and 30 environmental point samples were collected, all of which were negative.The pengrun Home community has been controlled and sealed. 3704 people have been sampled, and all the results are negative.BoLan introduces disposal of fengtai outbreak (epicenter wide net reporter Qiu Xiaotong was taken), according to BoLan fengtai control screen to further strengthen the measures, well into the Beijing personnel management, to the high-risk living history of personnel and pension institutions, schools, such as imported goods “10 + 3 + 3” key industries people strictly implement the nucleic acid detection work requirements,Cold chain employees and co-residents to implement “daily inspection”.Focus on key industries and areas of business entities, screening 3,042 cold chain business entities, 2255 market entities, strengthen the cold storage and other key places of environmental testing, to ensure full coverage, no omission.