How much does it cost to create a holographic architectural projection?

2022-06-18 0 By

In the previous article, I shared the advantages and application forms of holographic building projection with you, and also took you to watch the dynamic scene of holographic building projection. Many people are curious about the price of holographic building projection. In this article, Paramecia Technology xiaobian and you talk about how much it costs to create holographic building projection in the cultural tourism night tour market!There are several issues that need your confirmation and feedback before determining the price factor. First of all, the architectural structure diagram of the projected building is required. Only when the building structure is clear, can the projected area, projected area and the quantity of software and hardware equipment required be determined.Secondly, whether there are specific needs in the content material, friends who have seen the article before xiaobian should know that there are two forms of architectural projection material, one is a universal type, which has low cost, but poor presentation effect and insufficient fit with the theme.And the other is through the construction of projection behind the story, the local character of the city’s cultural history, cultural background to build customized themes, such as content requires a great deal of effort, cost is higher, but the final rendering basic can be reached through the building to the viewer a story in jiangsu, know a city, a group of people.The price factors of wall building projection are mainly determined by the above two directions. The current market price is basically from 30W. If you want to know more about the price of holographic building projection, you are welcome to discuss and exchange with xiaobian.