Labuan company registration tax answer

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Labuan Middle Coast Jurisdiction tax system – In 2001, Labuan changed its offshore and offshore status to mid-coast and entity status, and allowed Labuan companies to trade with Malaysian companies and malaysians to enjoy the preferential tax system of Labuan companies.– With the promotion of the OECD Common Reporting Guidelines (CRS) in 2014, more and more countries are participating in the CRS including Malaysia and China.As CRS slowly becomes universal, all offshore jurisdictions will be affected.Measures to share financial data between financial institutions in countries may affect you when you set up business entities in particular jurisdictions.- Labuan offers good schemes such as having a physical office, hiring local staff, having important decisions in a particular jurisdiction, opening an account in that jurisdiction, annual compliance and paying taxes in order to avoid it.The location and low cost of Labuan make it easier for your business to comply with CRS.– According to the Labuan Business Activity Tax Act 1990 (LBATA), Labuan establishes the relevant Tax system according to the Business activities of its companies.And it can be divided into two types: non-commercial transaction forms — namely, non-commercial trading of Labuan company engaged in overseas investment holding or overseas factory setting, and overseas investment and holding stocks/securities and real estate also belong to this type.Generally like foreign enterprises to the Labuan holding company to invest in Malaysia is a factory is such a representative.This type of business activity, in accordance with the fujian is exempt from the tax provisions of the business transaction form – that is, take the fujian company engaged in investment holding outside of the relevant business activities, such as trading company, management consulting company, insurance and trust companies and other relevant overseas commercial trading activities or use the charge foreign patent royalties and gold also is such,Tax is payable at 3% of the net profit or at a maximum of RM20,000 regardless of the profit.In the form of onshore business transaction, namely, the transaction between Labuan Company and a Malaysian company, or the receipt of commission, rent, consultancy fee, etc., from Malaysia, it shall be subject to 24% interest rate of Malaysian company Income Tax (Income Tax Act 1967).If Labuan corporation deals with both Malaysian companies and foreign companies;Two sets of financial statements need to be prepared.Income from domestic transactions is taxed at 24%, while income from foreign transactions is taxed at 3% or up to RM20,000.Labuan for stamp duty, value added tax, consumption tax, service tax, withholding tax and so on are zero interest!