Xu Jilian inspects the safety work of coal mine during holidays

2022-06-18 0 By

Yellow River News Network Changzhi news: during the holidays, Qinyuan County party committee deputy secretary, county magistrate Xu Jilian went deep into the area of coal mine enterprises inspection and guidance of holiday safety work, visited coal mine workers and sent New Year’s greetings.County government office, county emergency bureau head to attend.In Majunyu Coal mine, Xu Jilian listened to the report of the underground production, checked the situation of the on-duty mine leader on duty, got a detailed understanding of the livelihood security situation of the workers in the mine during the Spring Festival, and extended New Year’s greetings to the mine management staff and the on-duty workers.He demanded that while promoting production and ensuring supply, we must ensure the bottom line of production safety and always tighten the string of production safety.We should make unremitting efforts, increase hardware investment, improve the professional quality of employees, and ensure the long-term development of enterprises.He urged strict prevention and control of the epidemic, detailed prevention and control measures, and advance control of the epidemic when employees return to work after the holiday.In Lu ‘an Chemical Dongsheng Coal Industry, Xu Jilian attended the electromechanical team pre-meeting and had a friendly talk with the front-line coal mine workers.He said that at this beautiful moment of reunion and celebration, all of us are committed to ensuring energy supply, focusing on production and ensuring supply, and firmly establishing the concept of “ensuring safety is ensuring supply”, which reflects the responsibility of state-owned enterprises. He once again expressed his gratitude to the workers who are committed to their jobs.At the same time, I hope that all enterprises will work harder to consolidate their responsibility chains, coordinate work safety, energy supply and epidemic prevention and control, and firmly guard the bottom line of work safety to ensure that the people have a safe, healthy, happy and peaceful Spring Festival.(Ning Ning, Wei Jiao)