At 30, everything in life is predestined

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After 15 months, people Ming autumn people moon often in the moon, difficult to stay people over thirty, and thirty should understand that everything in life is doomed!Life, really a little earlier to know the existence of life, only in this way, in order to settle down in the world of mortals!People used to say, stand at 30, 40 no more doubts, 50 know destiny!Now, the sooner the better!A friend asked me: why do people know about life earlier?I answered him like this: Thousands of years ago, the Chinese sage Confucius said, “He who does not know his destiny will not consider himself a gentleman.”In the long river of history, countless figures and events tell people that life is alive, only know destiny, according to destiny, can find a pure land in this suffering world, give the heart a home to return to!A friend asked me: “heaven, the gentleman to self-improvement, terrain kun, the gentleman to virtue”, this is to tell people to self-improvement, to thick virtue the world, this and “life learning” said is not the opposite?I answered him like this: this sentence first describes two images, one is heaven, the other is earth, to reflect human’s situation with the objective operation law of heaven and earth, this is based on the objective fact of things said in “Life Learning” to find a way to reduce people’s inner pain, is completely consistent!Inconsistent place is, “life learning” will not directly tell people, to self-improvement, to be virtuous!”Life learning” believes that some people are born to change a lot of things, and some people are born to be ordinary, some people are born with virtue, and some people are born without virtue!So “life study” hope that people, do not because of what they have changed complacent, do not because of their ordinary ordinary self-deprecation!Everyone comes to this world, is the mianmianzhizhong own arrangement!Accept the past oneself, accept the present oneself, do an optimistic and positive person, this is “life learning” hope!A friend asked me: How do you change your mind?I answered him like this: when it rains, open an umbrella to appreciate flowers, when it is sunny, walk to appreciate flowers, no matter how painful life gives us, we should keep optimistic in our heart, this is to change their own heart!Life Science doesn’t tell people directly that your pain will go away. It tells people that your pain will always be there, and people need to heal themselves!”Life Learning” is to hope people: even though life is doomed to desolation, the heart is still blooming in the four seasons, even though life is suffering all the time, the heart is still as quiet as water