Cataracts at 39!Inner Mongolia little brother “flying” across 3,000 kilometers to Guangzhou to seek medical treatment

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Two years ago I began to see blurry, and my vision has been getting worse and worse for two years.Recently, Inner Mongolia 39-year-old Mr. Lin (pseudonym) not afraid of hard work to take six hours of the plane to Guangzhou, in order to find a doctor to look good on his eyes.Blurred vision has had an inconvenient effect on Mr. Lin’s life.Mr. Lin felt depressed and worried: “What’s wrong with my eyes?”Out of concern, Mr. Lin and his family decided to go to the hospital.However, eyes are very important, careless should not, considering the local medical level is limited, he temporarily worried, “where to see the eyes is better”?After understanding, Mr. Lin decided to go to aier eye Hospital.After careful consideration, he decided to go to Guangzhou to seek medical treatment accompanied by his wife.Wu Zhiming, director of the cataract glaucoma department of Guangzhou Aier Eye Hospital affiliated to Jinan University, did an eye examination immediately after learning about Mr. Lin’s condition. Combining the examination results, he diagnosed Mr. Lin with “binocular concurrent cataract.”Aren’t cataracts for old people?”Mr. Lin asked.”Because many patients do not know enough about cataracts, they often fall into the misconception that cataracts only occur in the elderly,” Wu explained patiently.He pointed out that cataract is due to human aging, genetic, local nutritional disorders, immune and metabolic disorders, trauma, poisoning, radiation caused by lens metabolism disorders, resulting in lens protein degeneration and turbidity;According to the etiology, it is divided into congenital cataract, senile cataract, concurrent cataract, traumatic cataract, etc. Therefore, it is not old age that can get cataract, such as suffering from systemic diseases or eye diseases of middle-aged people are also easy to get cataract.Considering that Mr. Lin has high requirements for using his eyes, he not only needs to work, use the computer, but also needs to read and write. Besides, he does not want to wear glasses after surgery, and ordinary intraocular lens can no longer meet his needs.Therefore, cataracts, glaucoma, director of the division Wu Zheming femtosecond laser cataract surgery is a suggested alternative joint implant astigmatism double focus of artificial crystal, bifocal iols are put people see far, see nearly two focus are designed in an artificial lens, can see far and near, and the astigmatism double focus crystals can also solve the problem of Lin cataract and astigmatism,Let it get better visual quality.After a number of detailed preoperative examinations and thorough communication, Mr. Lin decided to have cataract surgery on his right eye first (cataract surgery on both eyes is not clinically allowed).After a period of recovery, Lin went to the hospital for re-examination, and his vision in his right eye improved from 0.4 to 1.0.I can see much more clearly. I am happy and satisfied.”After regaining a clear “vision” in his right eye, Mr Lam went back to the hospital and decided to have a cataract operation on his left eye so that he could see clearly in both eyes.Finally, Director Wu Zhiming reminds, do not think that cataracts have nothing to do with themselves, mistakenly think that cataracts are the exclusive disease of the elderly, alone for senile cataracts, it is the “product” of eye lens aging, as long as you live long enough is likely to get.In addition, anything that can denature and cloud the lens protein can cause cataracts.”Clinically, it is not uncommon to have cataracts in middle and young people. Some people in their 40s and 50s or even younger have blurred vision and cannot see far and near, but they are not presbyopia. After examination, doctors find that their lenses have changed in color, density and shape — they are suffering from cataracts.If cataract is not treated in time, it will not only seriously affect the quality of life of patients, but also may cause acute glaucoma, leading to irreversible blindness.Therefore, both young people, middle-aged people and the elderly should always pay attention to their eye health, such as blurred vision and other eye discomfort, as soon as possible to professional hospital.New Express reporter Liang Yu reporter Hu Yanxia statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: