Wenchang city multi-department joint launch “attack illegal fund-raising to build a harmonious society” concentrated publicity activities

2022-06-21 0 By

The Spring Festival is approaching, in order to improve the public’s ability to resist and awareness of illegal fund-raising, prevent illegal fund-raising activities, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, in the morning of January 25,Wenchang Municipal Office, Wenchang People’s Court, Wenchang People’s Procuratorate, Wenchang Public Security Bureau and other units in Wenchang Baihe Wealth Square jointly carried out the theme of “crack down on illegal fund-raising to build a harmonious society” centralized publicity activities.At the event, the staff to give publicity materials, site on knowledge, to show past the crowd for illegal fund-raising means of specific characteristics, expression form and idiomatic, combined with the current real case of fund-raising fraud, let the people know the dangers of illegal fund raising, guide people to establish healthy investment philosophy, consciously away from illegal fund raising.Shanghai tourists BuShuQuan: “very good, because the elderly remind, education, increase of fraud prevention knowledge, a wide range is very good, should be like this, the government to tube well, this is very important, because our country at present the Internet all kinds of things too much, too much, older people often can’t keep up.”Zhou Jian, head of Wenchang Financial Office: “Near the Spring Festival is an important publicity window for us to prevent illegal fund-raising. Today, the city office organizes the city public Security Bureau and other member units to carry out the office of non-publicity here. The purpose is to remind the public through our publicity, so that we are alert to the temptation of high profits and stay away from illegal fund-raising.The next step will be to guide the member units and towns to continue to increase the publicity of the office, improve people’s awareness of financial management, and maintain financial order and social harmony and stability.”