Copy | those literary and artistic copy of the Lantern Festival

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(♡˙, ♡)01. Want to put the spring, knead into dumplings and cook them for you to eat.02 take two moonlight, knead broken xingyue, wrapped into yuanxiao.03 with the New Year’s first full moon, brewing a good beginning in the world.04 night wind knead into the dumplings, the moon is selling happiness.05 Parents hidden in the heart of care, is I can never guess the mystery 06. Tear down the long night barrier, waiting for the light tonight.07 boil a pot of dumplings, a gentle fire, burning out of a spring.Love Yuanxiao 35 scenery, moonlight, brilliant lights.Take the spring breeze ten miles, apricot flowers, packaged into dumplings, send a spring to you.Where the moon lies, it illuminates the way home full of hope.12. Can you teach me how to cook tangyuan?I’m a little stupid, everything will give away, like you too.Yuanxiao ℋᎯℙℙᎽ One fat and sweet item one round item · 14.While mountains and rivers separate us, we enjoy the same moonlight under the same sky.May all gallop, and finally to reunion.15 soft glutinous glutinous dumplings, can not see enough of the world, as scheduled to spring, hello wow.Tangyuan is sweet and salty, and life is full of flavor.