The shard shop is new, 28 shards are profitable, three are out of print, and Arthur paladin is coming

2022-06-22 0 By

When it comes to why players look forward to every shard store update, there’s really no other way to say no. 1.After all, sometimes the shard shop that comes out of the adjustment turns up skin that has never been in it before.With the next update to the Shard shop, it’s clear that the skins players have been waiting for are coming back.In addition, due to the upcoming end of the S27 season, there are three limited skins, which should be out of print. Arthur, the hero, was recently revealed a skin named “Paladin”.So, let’s take a look at it briefly.The next shard update will be officially scheduled on the opening day of the s27 season.For the start of the s27 season, the new hero will be introduced to the official suit at the same time as the new season, as the official announcement of Sanchi as the season’s theme hero was made not long ago.Sangqi’s official launch will be accompanied by his new skin.His companion skin, based on all the common heroes’ companion skin in the past, the official will definitely put it online to the mall at the same time on the shard shop.So, the next shard store update will result in a new skin, but the first one is not the epic quality that most players expect, and players will only need to spend 28 shards of skin to buy it.Because s27 season is about to open, so according to the content of S26 season will be off the shelves before the start of the season can be concluded, belonging to s16 season battle skin luban No. 7 lion dance Oriental and Zhong Kui’s magic guards plus S26 season skin Dharma desert monk, players after the opening of S27 season,Will see them become out-of-print skins.After all, s16 season’s battle command skin, is now belongs to the second encore, after the future, it is really difficult to have a third.As the number of seasons that have gone without an encore has increased, there is no reason for officials to play an encore later.And season skin words, belong to out of print is really obvious thing.Because of the skins in this series, there hasn’t been an official encore since it was first released.If you haven’t got the skins to go out of print yet, you should try to make the most of the last few days to get the skins, because the official s27 season will start on the 14th.For Arthur, the hero, the only thing missing in the quality of his skin so far is legend and glory.In the case of glory, he will not have a chance in recent years, but the legendary quality of the skin, players will have a chance to see in a short time.Because according to recent Revelations, the hero Arthur, the latest is a new skin called paladin.And from the skin out of the image, all aspects are really sending out thick legend skin breath.So, if the paladin revealed this time really is the new skin behind Arthur, then Arthur, the hero, should be getting his first legend.Conclusion Shard shop will definitely be updated when the new season opens, as sanchi’s companion skin will be put in it.Lu Ban 7, Zhong Kui and damo’s relevant limited skin, anyway damo that must be obtained, after all, belong to free.Arthur’s paladin, so far, looks like a player-made version, but for Arthur, it’s a matter of time.Well, that’s all for this time.Do you have these three limited skins that are going out of print?Leave a comment below.I’m cousin. You can call me cousin