Tourists experience growing coral under the sea at Wuzhizhou Island tourist zone in Sanya

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“Since then, I have planted coral in this ocean.”Lin Yu, a tourist from Guangzhou, dives into the seabed and plants a “coral baby” at wuzhizhou Island tourism zone in Sanya, South China’s Hainan Province, Jan. 30, 2018.This year, Sanya Wuzhizhou Island tourism zone launched the “Coral planting to welcome the New Year” activity, inviting tourists to experience coral planting, so that Marine environmental protection into the Chinese New Year flavor, for tourists to unlock a more meaningful and unique New Year travel experience.As soon as he entered the scenic spot, Lin Yu saw rows and rows of red lanterns, setting off the scenic spot in a blaze of prosperity and beaming with joy.”Touch the tiger’s head, shoot the tiger’s tail” Tourists come and go to take photos in front of the year of the Tiger element’s punch point, to win a good prize.Following the red sign, Lin yu reached the dive site.Dressed in a wetsuit, equipped with diving equipment and trained by a professional, Lin jumped into the sea with the help of her instructor and was thrilled by what she saw: clusters of coral swaying in the water and schools of tropical fish in colorful costumes.Have not watched carefully, Lin Yu on the guidance of the coach, came to the seabed before an iron frame.This particular nursery is a carefully designed coral nursery.Here, Lin was given a “small deer antler”. After carefully fixing the broken coral branches on the spot, she was eager to ask her friends to take photos for her.”I see real coral!”Just surfacing the sea, Lin Yu already couldn’t wait to share his joy to the friends on shore, “small, not my palm, there are small branches on the main branch, like antlers, especially good-looking!”Once on shore, she couldn’t resist turning on the video and sharing with her friends what it was like to grow coral for the first time.Behind her, a steady stream of tourists dive into the sea, or dive into the sea, or ride the wind and waves.Under the clear sea and blue sky, tourists from all over the country enjoy motorboat, banana boat, sea umbrella dragging and other sea projects in the scenic spot, experiencing wakewave surfing and close contact with the sea…”This year, we have carefully planned a variety of activities such as planting coral under the sea, and introduced fashionable new ways such as wakewave surfing and camping, which are very popular among tourists.”Wuzhizhou Island tourism area related person in charge said, “we will do a good job of Marine protection, in the show of the beauty of the ecology at the same time, constantly introduce new gameplay, for tourists to bring more quality tourism holiday experience.””It was an unforgettable trip in my life.””I will come back here again in the future. I hope my coral ‘baby’ will grow up healthily and grow into an ‘underwater forest’.”Sanya, January 31 (Hainan Daily) Original title: tourists in Sanya Wuzhizhou Island tourism area experience seabed planting coral, in another way to welcome the New Year promise “blue” wish