68 hours!Handan New Area Power Supply Company of State Grid works hard day and night to “escort” the power supply of centralized isolation points.

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“In the temporary epidemic isolation point of Handan city, the new cable line is 400 meters, and the wiring sorting and marking work of each floor of the four prevention and control buildings have been completed.”On April 5, the State Grid Handan New Area power Supply Company completed the task of assisting handan Power Supply Company to the new temporary isolation point of the epidemic in Handan city in advance.On April 2, the state Grid Handan New Area power supply company received the task, will be in Handan Economic development zone minle Yuan to build a centralized isolation point, as soon as possible to set up power lighting, to help carry out uninterrupted construction at night.After receiving the task, the company pressed the “speed button” to power up the centralized isolation points, set up the “fighting epidemic” network with full coverage, immediately established the integrated on-duty command system for power protection and epidemic prevention and control, set up the epidemic prevention and control leading group and headquarters, and issued the work plan for emergency power protection.The company team members command the front, operation and maintenance department, Marketing Department, Xinhe New District branch, Shangbi power supply quickly assembled, in strict prevention and control of the epidemic work at the same time, for centralized isolation point to provide all-weather power guarantee.”In the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, the political position should be improved, the response should be rapid and the deployment should be thorough, the local government should be actively contacted, the site investigation should be carried out, the” one point one plan “should be determined, temporary power access should be provided for the centralized isolation points, and strong power support should be provided for the epidemic prevention work at the isolation points.”Lu Lizhi, general manager of the company, stressed when deploying the centralized isolation point for electrification work.”The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility.We should concentrate positive energy and give full play to the leading role of Party members and cadres to ensure power supply in concentrated isolation points during the epidemic.”Gao Zhiyong, secretary of the party Committee of the company, made it clear when he supervised the inspection of power consumption at the centralized point.”Epidemic prevention and control is now at the most urgent juncture, we must spare no efforts to provide strong support for the centralized quarantine project, and help win the battle of epidemic prevention and control!”At the construction site, zhang Jianjun, deputy general manager of the company, who is responsible for the centralized power supply guarantee of the isolation point, raced against time with the staff to help send light to the construction of the isolation point.Due to the severe situation of the epidemic, the construction time of the centralized isolation point is tight, and the difficulty of resource allocation, Zhang Jianjun, who just came from the isolation point, did not slack off, actively coordinated the forces of all parties, and carried out the mission and responsibility of “the people’s electricity industry for the people” with loyalty and hard work.”After receiving the emergency power supply demand of the centralized isolation point, we strengthened the emergency linkage between the isolation point and the epidemic prevention and control department, grasped the daily production and living demand of the Party member service team in the first time, provided powerful logistics service in time, and made every effort to solve the worries of the party member service team.”Xu Jichen, deputy general manager of this company, said that is responsible for protecting electricity external contact work.”Everyone must do a good job in the whole process of personal protection and disinfection, to ensure the smooth completion of the isolation point power supply guarantee work”.Zhang Lianxiang, the company’s leader, told the “anti-epidemic” power personnel repeatedly.”We arranged special personnel to guard the scene 24 hours for electricity protection, and completed the power connection and maintenance of the mobile emergency power supply vehicle to ensure that the power consumption of the isolation point is secure.”Wang Limin, director of the company’s operation and maintenance department, said.”These days consecutive repair power supply, although tired enough, but for the isolation point construction of a force, tired also worth!”In order to get electricity on schedule, Zheng Hao, head of Xinhe New District Branch, raced with the staff against time to make cable heads on the spot, comb and mark the electrical lines of each floor……Each is busy according to the division of labor.With the passage of time, the sky gradually dim down, because the outside temperature drops, to save electricity work increased the difficulty, but workers without a bitter, tired, after 68 hours of continuous fighting, party member service, unity is strength, race against time, completed the 400 meters of the prevention and control of low voltage cables as well as to the four floor each layer of electricity lines and identify all the work,Successfully assisted the superior company to complete the task of electrifying the centralized isolation point, provided a strong power guarantee for the fight against the epidemic, and demonstrated the “iron army” image of the power personnel who could be pulled, topped and won at the critical moment with practical actions.”During the period of power protection at the isolation point, we gave up holidays and took the extraordinary operation of ‘5+2, white + black, full load’ to devote ourselves to power protection work.”Shang bi power supply Li Yumin arranged the isolation point emergency power full-time personnel, 24 hours uninterrupted on the power line comprehensive patrol, temperature measurement, special patrol, at any time to deal with sudden failure, for the centralized isolation point construction to provide strong power security.Security centralized isolation point during the electricity, its handan city new district power supply company sent more than 300 people, the communist party member service charge in the former, the pressure in the heart, the mission to fight over the shoulder, agrees to move forward, “chi” in will resist disease, the company always stick to positions in the disease resistance to protect electricity task, take the lead of party members, the initiative as, grasped the nettle,With progressive attitude actively involved in the epidemic prevention and control and optimal service to protect the power supply to the job of fighting, always strictly abide by the provisions and epidemic prevention, the flag flying in resistance to disease, write the beginner’s mind in action, left mission in your post, with practical action to practice the “people’s electric power for the people” beginner’s mind mission, powerful guarantee to win the epidemic prevention and control sniping action.(Cui Zhaoyu)