The defendant unit of a certain international trade Co., LTD. The defendant Li Mou a and others to interfere with the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases

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Xx International Trading Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as XX Company) is a company engaged in the sales of imported frozen meat products. The company stores the imported frozen meat in the cold storage of a agricultural Products Co., LTD., Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, and then sells it to the outside.According to local epidemic prevention regulations, cold-chain food should be reported 24 hours in advance, and nucleic acid tests should be carried out on the outer packaging of food. Only qualified products can be exported and put into storage.At the time of sale, some buyers will ask the company to provide nucleic acid test reports of cold-chain food.Forgery of nucleic acid testing report on November 7, 2020, 4 am, XXX company since foreign purchasing a batch of cold-chain beef products arrived in jinan, li mou a defendant (XXX company’s legal representative, responsible for the company’s all matters) to make this batch of imported cold-chain food fast inbound, outbound, and when the buyer has demand, convenient and report to the purchaser to provide the corresponding nucleic acid detection,Instigating, indulge the defendant li mou b (XXX company’s back office, responsible for the goods the nucleic acid detection work) forge the nucleic acid test report, will have a medical examination of jinan before the nucleic acid detection of laboratory electronic is a sample name, batch, changes to the name, the batch of goods, to the defendant, director of li mou c (XXX company sales staff,Responsible for the company’s goods sales), and send the report to the defendant Chen mou (xx company warehouse management, responsible for the company’s goods out, warehousing management).The defendant Chen was aware that the nucleic acid test report was forged by the defendant Li B, and the cold chain food out and in storage was not tested by nucleic acid, but still used the report to go through the procedures of out and in storage.Defendant Li Mou C knew that the nucleic acid test report was forged by defendant Li Mou B, but still provided cold chain food to the buyer when selling.After the batch of cold chain beef products have been sold illegally.After 90 of the frozen beef samples were sold to Liangshan County, Jining City, Shandong Province, the local disease control and Prevention department found that one of the novel Coronavirus tests on the external package of the frozen beef were positive. Liangshan County sealed all the 90 frozen beef samples and notified the relevant departments of the situation.Jinan, jining to epidemic prevention and control institutions launched the emergency plan, cold chain for the batch of beef products sealed recycling, nucleic acid detection, isolation control has adopted a series of measures, in addition to store all cold-chain food storage and cold storage for testing, but also for practitioners and surroundings have isolated,It took a lot of time and personnel to conduct nucleic acid tests and investigations and screening.After verification, a total of 1,960 law-enforcement personnel and 280 vehicles were employed.On November 14, 2020, Jinan municipal Public Security Bureau Licheng branch to be suspected of preventing and controlling infectious diseases on file to investigate the case, on December 15, the same year to be suspected of preventing and controlling infectious diseases to request approval to arrest criminal suspects Li Mou a, Li Mou b, Chen Mou, Li Mou C.The Licheng District People’s Procuratorate of Jinan city approved the arrest after examination.On February 7, 2021, the case was transferred for review and prosecution.March 5, 2021, Licheng District Procuratorate of xx company, Li MOU A, Li Mou B, Chen mou, Li Mou C to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases to licheng District people’s Court filed a public prosecution according to law.On June 4, 2021, Licheng District Court sentenced the defendant li Mou a et al to seven months to ten months in prison for the crime of preventing infectious diseases, and sentenced xx company to a fine of 50,000 yuan.After the verdict of the first instance, neither the defendant unit nor the defendant filed an appeal and the verdict has taken effect.In the process of case is dealt with, the procuratorial organs for epidemic prevention control loopholes found in case to handle, in a timely manner and for disease control and prevention, public security, transportation departments such as communications, feedback the problems found in handling the case, especially for cold-chain food loopholes that exist in the centralized storage management, promote the jinan establish and improve the supervision warehouse system of imported cold-chain food concentration,Set up two special warehouses for centralized supervision of cold chain food, carry out nucleic acid testing and preventive comprehensive disinfection for imported cold chain food, and further strengthen the daily supervision and testing of cold chain food enterprises;At the same time, it has strengthened strict control over the issuance and verification of nucleic acid test reports in the transport and sales of cold-chain food, strengthened protection and health monitoring of those who have direct contact with cold-chain food, blocked the transmission chain of the epidemic and woven a protective network of the epidemic.